Monday, November 7, 2005

back from hiatus :)

i haven't updated in awhile because i just haven't felt like i've had anything worthwhile to say! been kinda boring lately!

lets see...i think we've found a car. it is a new toyota 4runner, a gorgeous steel bluish-grey color. the 4runner is what we wanted originally, when we bought the explorer last year, but we just couldn't get a good enough price on it. *hopefully* this time we have :) i hope it works out! can't wait!! however, dealing with insurance, lawyers, claims, and being hassled is just a total pain in the rear!!

on this good monday...i ordered about 7 stamps from a muse artstamps. i have been wanting to order some for-ev-er, and can't wait to get em! wee!

also on this good position is going salary -and- that includes a raise! woowoo!! i am SO blessed to work for this company. i cannot say enough how truly lucky i am to work for such great people. i will be really sad this spring when i have to leave.

tomorrow, tj starts working noon to midnight. he does that for about a week, has a couple days off, then starts midnight to noon. can we say YUCK?! it is going to be hard getting used to this crazy schedule. since his schedule is gonna be so crazy....i had considered taking a class that starts in january. i am thinking i'm just gonna wait tho, because it doesn't end till may 1. he will be leaving for Connecticut mid-march, and i don't want to be down here by myself any longer than necessary.

did lots of shopping this was good :) i got 3 pr of shoes (2 are for work), a pr of jeans, a cute "bolero" sweater and shirt from target, some "comfy" red pants, 2 cute hollister shirts, and a few things at michaels and ac moore. oh! and of course! my most fav purchase of all...a stopper for my tub so i can actually take a BATH! hahaha! :P

in other news...i need to do some SCRAPPIN soon! maybe i will clean my house good and invite sudie over and we can crank some out :)

have a fab monday!!

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