Friday, September 30, 2005

just another pretty face

a little doll, of course =)

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Paperkuts update

because several of you have asked...either via blog comments or update to the paperkuts mess! (and thanx for asking)

as you know, PK requested a layout of mine for their pet friendly book. when i saw the pet friendly book at barnes and noble, my layout was MIA. called em, emailed em, for a few days, before I finally spoke to vicky randall. sometimes layouts are omitted, yada yada yada, they definitely would try to use it for a future issue, etc etc. she pretty much said she didn't know where it was rightthen but would do some "research" and get back to me [this was last week, and i'd like to add i've still heard nothing from her, lol]

anyway, that very same day, i get home and have a UPS delivery attempt sticker on my door. 'pkg left at office' well, as the office was already closed, i figured i'd get it tomorrow...whatever it was. i was assuming it was something tj had ordered or whatever. go to the office next day, see a reallllly flat box in the floor, and what do ya know?! its got my name on it! and guess what!! it is from paperkuts! *gasp*

well you'll never GUESS what was inside *please note sarcasm*

(shown below for your viewing pleasure)

not only was my pet layout in there, but also...a complimentary copy of the pet friendly idea book!

so anyway. i'm just gonna send this layout on to miss glenni [it is her beautiful daughter and their dog], and be done with all the drama i've encountered! pk still has 2 of my layouts for the finalist section of the PKPT book...and i really hope they DO publish those because they're both good layouts. one of them is of downtown charleston...and really very 'charleston' :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

last night i had a crazy dream...

(title lyrics brought to you by Diamond Rio's "One more Day")

but anyway...last night I did have a crazy dream. I was back at college...but I was lost on my own campus. Then...I was doing a field placement at an elementary school. Hating it...but then we started doing an art project...and it was just like I was in my element. Lovin it. And then...(this part makes no sense)...I was with my friend Vanessa at her old apartment...but she didn't have a bed to sleep in. I felt so bad and called my mom crying, asking if we could give her my old bed? Such confusion.

I think I know why I had the dream about college/teaching. Lately I've been looking at some majors I'm interested (outside of teaching), but still considering if I'd like to do teaching at some level. Maybe I would, but I just don't want to be miserable. You see, in college, most people change their majors a couple times...but not me. I never really even considered anything besides teaching. And now, here I am *sigh* I think I dreamt about Vanessa because, well, I miss her! I haven't seen her since our wedding, but hopefully she'll get to fly down for a short trip pretty soon (she works for Delta, yay).

In other news, TJ got his schedule yesterday. Hooray, he is working Christmas Eve and Christmas Day--note the sarcasm in the "hooray." Yep, that definitely sucks :( We should get orders late January. Keyword: "should." Anyway.

I submitted about 5 layouts to the MM Fast & Easy pages call *fingers crossed* The Cactus Pink DT will be announced sometime after tomorrow *fingers crossed* I need to scrap some more soon with my pretty new AC papers *fingers crossed*

Oh! And in my current workout update--did crappy all weekend, but ran last night and went to yoga tonight. Yippee! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I feel like today has

I feel like today has been a very wasted day. I don't know why I feel like this....this morning was the grocery, this afternoon was laundry, and this evening we went to Best Buy and I've scrapped a little. One thing I know for sure--I don't want to go back to work tomorrow *sigh* I think I'll quit and just start being a pimp.

So speaking of Best Buy...we bought a new computer today, a desktop PC. Got a great deal on it! TJ had sold some stuff on ebay (alot!), and won some $ playing poker (this is rare! ha), so we took that and added a lil and got a pretty new computer w/a flat screen monitor. This is nice, because my laptop is slowly dying and our other PC won't even turn on anymore. Earning those flight points on the credit card baybee. hahahaha

Ok, so anyway. Last night at Target, I bought the dog a bumble bee costume for halloween. Yes, I am out of my mind, but it was only $8 and I thought she'd look so cute. We'd take pictures of her and send them to the "grandparents" and it'd be worth it. Get it home and try to put it on her. Doesn't fit her, Tubs! Took it back. Weighed her last night at Petsmart and she weighs 14 lbs. I think it is time for a diet. No more cereal for Lilly! Woops =) (I told u I was nuts)'s the layout I did tonight. Excuse the cruddy, shadowy photo on there.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

work it twerk it

I'm "on a roll" right now (for me at least)...doing good on working out. Hopefully next week at this time, I'll be able to say the same thing. Last night, went to Yoga for the first time ever. VERY relaxing--ahh. Tonight--the plan is to go to Spinning at 6:30 (never done this before, either).

Fri 9/16--ran ~ 1.5 miles
Sat 9/17--off
Sun 9/18--45 mins pilates
Mon 9/19--off
Tues 9/20--1 hr yoga
Wed 9/21--1 hr spinning
Thurs 9/22--1 hr yogalates

A few weeks ago the dr told me I needed to start exercising regularly (at least 4x weekly for 45 mins). At first I was a bit insulted but I know he is right. I have a family history of: obesity, heart disesase, high blood pressure, diabetes, and who knows what else. So, I need to do this (exercise) and cut out the crap I put into my mouth regularly, or I'm going to be just another statistic.

In other news, I still have not "resolved" the Paperkuts drama. I spoke to Vicky Randall yesterday, who did not have a good answer for me as to why my layout had been omitted from the Pet Friendly book. While I understand that sometimes layouts get bumped, I had heard nothing from them, hadn't rec'd my layout, a book...nothing. She assured me that, after doing some research, she'd get back to me...but I'm not going to hold my breath since she had no replied to my email or numerous phone calls. I only got her when I called her (again). *sigh* Drama, drama, drama.

Have a fabulous wednesday, only 2 more days till the weekend!

ETA: Went to the spinning class tonight! WOW! Talk about a workout! I have not sweated THAT much in a really, really long time. I am defintely going to try to stay motivated and get back there :)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday afternoon

Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday afternoon I witnessed the funniest thing I have seen in quite some time. I was not prepared for the hilarity of the event. I only wish I could have been a fly on the wall to get the full effect, or better yet, have had a video camera set up for the taping.

Having not exercised at all on Saturday, I needed to do so yesterday. It had been rainy, so I did not want to go running. Why not put my perfectly good Pilates DVD to use? A-ha!

Me: "TJ, do you care if I turn off this football game? I'm gonna do my pilates DVD, you can do it too if you want..."

TJ: "Ok...sure, I'll try it."

Me (thinking): Certainly I heard him wrong? I can't believe it! Wow!

Me: "Ok, let me get the resistance bands."

We put in the DVD to get started. This, my friends, should have been a pay-per-view event. I could barely concentrate, so I just had to STOP LOOKING at him. Think of a giraffe, trying to do ballet. Funny? Multiply it by 10. THAT'S my husband, doing pilates.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


woohoo! more scrapbooking fun!
feel free to visit my 2ps gallery to leave priase on these if you please :)

card for my dear friend:

another layout i did for a call, but not really happy with it, so we'll see...

hope everyone's weekend was fantastic! they just aren't ever long enough! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

in an attempt to get

in an attempt to get some mojo juices flowin...i finally sat down to work on the page i'd sorta had in my head all week. it turned out a little like i envisioned (white bg, blue paint, and title on the side), and i'm still deciding how well i like it.

it looks like i had a flower sneeze but the lil primas make me smile :)

i didn't do much editing on the photo before developing, so it is a little big foggy. and of course, my drawers WOULD have to be hanging out of the back of my pants just a tad, argh. i promise, i'm not a mexican hooker, really!

now, off to texas roadhouse to make it a great saturday :)

Friday, September 16, 2005

back in the spring, glenni

back in the spring, glenni and i exchanged photos to do a swap and create layouts for one another. she sent me some great pics of her daughter, Lindsey, and their dog Trooper. it worked out perfectly since i was working on my PKPT entry and needed some variety!

fast forward to june, when i receive an email asking for 2 of my layouts for the finalist section of the power team book. they also asked for the layout of lindsay and trooper for their pet friendly book! woohoo! 3 layouts! yippee!! received a confirmation email about a week later letting me know that they received my layouts.

yesterday, i go to barnes and noble, spot the pet friendly book from about 20 feet away. sit down with it, and flip thru. don't see my layout. a sick feeling comes over me. went thru the book 2 more times...and my black, white, and hot pink layout of lindsey and trooper DEFINITELY is not in there. i don't know whether to cuss like a sailor or just cry, darnit.


emailed both vicky randall and jyl read today.
so far, i have no response. we shall see. i am anxious to hear what they say.

for those of you who already know this and have heard me rantin'...sorry to beat a dead horse!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

when i grow up

I might get a degree in Marketing....maybe?

Or perhaps something like Nutrition or Fitness & Exercise Science. Knowing how to eat right vs actually doing it...whew big difference. I *do* like working out, its the whole motivation thing I suck at.

OR, maybe I could just finish my education degree. Not so sure I want to though. I hate writing lesson plans (have learned that in the last 3 years of school) and my patience is certainly lacking! I like kids. But all day every day it might get old! The schedule would be nice...but eh...we'll see.

I want a job where I have some freedom to use my own ideas and creativity. Not just strictly following a protocol all the time. Hmm.

Today I had to plunge the toilet at work. I wasthisclose to throwing up all over the floor. I'm the effing janitor now too!?!?!? argh

When I grow up I hope I'm not fat. Speaking of, I have gained 5 lbs on vacation. All that food I'm sure. Need to work out--a lot. Would like to purchase some new running shoes...a little motivation. Kinda broke right now tho...maybe next week.

For fun, a pic from Mexico:

Sunday, September 11, 2005

take me back

I'm ready to head on back! :-)
(pictures from Costa Maya, Mexico)

Thursday, September 1, 2005

random jumble

A mixture of stuff...

  • I feel so completely behind right now. We're leaving Saturday morning and I have not packed a single stitch of clothing. I have to work tomorrow, send our families some emergency info, pick up a prescription, get my hair trimmed in Mt P, make up doggie info, bathe Lilly, drop her off with Elaine, cry about that, pack, and then somehow manage to get some sleep before we leave for Tampa at some ungodly hour. Does anyone want to come help me?
  • TJ graduated from Naval Nuclear Power Training today. Thank goodness! Now it is on to the next phase....12-hour shifts for many, many days in a row, at ridiculous hours.
  • I can barely stand it to watch the news/look at news images online right now. I feel so guilty, so helpless, so engulfed with emotion. I just wish that somehow I could make a difference. We donate to the Red Cross monthly, but at a time like this, the money we give seems like nothing. Way too little to help all of those affected by the tragedy in the Gulf area. And with the massive flooding, it is going to get worse before it gets better. So many people will become ill from disease. I just cannot understand why things such as this happen. Nor can I fathom anything of this nature. I certainly take life and all it's blessings (large and small) for granted.
  • We have a houseguest. TJ's friend Steve has been/is staying with us for a few days. Thank God he is not annoying and is a really great guy. It is just weird having someone here with us when its mostly been just TJ and I for the last 9 months...
  • and speaking of...OH MY GOSH...we've been married 9 months soon. It is September! WHERE is the time going!? Is this what happens when you get old? My goodness!
  • I requested information be mailed to me from the University of Washington today. Not that I know we'll even get sent there, but I feel I should go ahead and start getting my options together. What the he** I'm going to major in, I don't know. It is quite a shame, to have 112 college credit hours yet be this confused. I think I would like Marketing. I feel like I would get to use my creativity in that. But, I worry about finding a job and also the income. The job I really want is in Riverton, with Andrea. Boohoo :(
  • And speaking of Riverton, when I get back from my trip, I have a big project to get started on. Hopefully, I can get some inspiration while I'm away.
  • A pea/GG I'm loving lately is Elsie. Her stuff just rocks it and is so unique and fabulous. I am envious.
  • I'm digging this paint color by Martha Stewart: 8178, Broomhandle. I can't find a good picture. Crap.

Ok that is enough useless boring junk for now.