Wednesday, March 28, 2007

crap: also known as, how big of an idiot am I?

apparently, a pretty big one.

in kentucky, you pay the taxes on your car to get a new tag during your birth month. in florida it is the same way (that is where tj's car is regsitered). so thats what I'm used to, k?

well, on monday (tj's bday) I realized, oh crap, the registration on my car is going to expire in five days and I haven't gotten anything in the mail to pay for a new tag. so I call the dmv in SC...the lady tells me I cannot continue to keep my car registered there since I no longer live there. well, thats fine, but I wanted to know what to do if I couldn't get to the ct dmv right away, since my tags would expire shortly. she types on her computer and responds, "oh honey, you're good till november. they don't expire until then."


I go back to my computer, doing some more work, and finally I hit the road to go home. on my way there, I realize...november. november of 05 was when we bought my car...and I know we haven't paid anything to the dmv since then. I'm thinking this lady was probably smoking crack. I think you know where I'm going with this.

when I pull into my driveway, I immediately walk to the back of the car and check the plates.

I have been driving with expired tags for the past four months.

yeah. I feel like a super dumba** for not realizing this before now.

I hear going to the DMV in the state of Connecticut is like the biggest joke ever. I've been told by numerous people to "pack a lunch." well, even more wonderful is that since the car isn't registered to ME but rather to TJ, I have to depend on him to do this. well, let me just say this: he had no idea I had expired tags. he hasn't called to find out any info from the dmv. he has not called our bank requesting the title be overnighted to us, etc etc etc. I'm only a little bitter. and I KNOW when I tell him to show up to the dmv early, he's going to not take me seriously. he'll likely wait till the afternoon to go, when it is too late, and then be mad they can't get him in, and he'll complain about how inefficient it is and blah blah blah. I know my husband pretty well.

the next car we buy will be registered in my name. just so I can do *something*

in the meantime, I've been driving super cautiously and obeying the speed limit. which is something I typically do not do.

in other news, I have a crap ton of assignments due by monday at midnight. I'm gonna hafta pull a wonder-woman if I plan to get them done. why oh why do I do this?!

Monday, March 26, 2007

if I had a million dollars...

got a comment on the ol' blog today...went and read their blog...and it made me think, what would I do if I had a million dollars? I mean, hello, I fantasize about winning the lottery all the time (even tho I don't play, I'm afraid of getting a gambling addiction). but whatev.

if I had a million dollars...

firstly, I'd invest like crazy.

since I am young, I would be more aggressive. I'd choose some riskier stocks. I'd choose some lower-risk stock, and also some more concrete bonds. am I a nerd? I currently have a roth IRA. I started saving for retirement at 22. hopefully *fingers crossed* in the near future I will also have a 403b. -$500,000., scratch that. lets put this one first. I'd pay off my school to just write me out a diploma. I mean hello. I have 3 classes that I'm currently finishing, but people. I am smart. I have work experience. lets just say I'm done with it already. -$$??

ok, then I'd pay off all the debt I have from school. which is about 15K (does that make u wanna puke? it does me.) I have been paying on this since...2005. and at this rate I'll be paying on it when I'm 89. I'm on the fastest plan they have, but crap. they want to suck the life out of you, and it is called i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t. oh well, thank you uncle sam cause without you I would not have been able to go to college. -$15,000

let's see. after that I'd buy my mom a new car. she's had her car for awhile. the brakes are really squeaky. and it is in bad shape because it is a stick shift, and both my brother and myself learned to drive on that car, consequently nearly burning out the clutch. so she needs a new one. I'd get her like a jeep liberty or something, she likes those and they're not too expensive. see, works out swell. -$20,000 thing. controversial I'm sure but it is my blog and my million dollars so yeah, deal with it. I'd get plastic surgery. first I'd get a nose job. I hate my nose and have my entire life. it is too big for my face and not cute and feminine. plus when I was in 5th grade I used to get really mad at this boy and when I did my nostrils would flare. consequently he called me nostril-o-saurus. consequently I punched him in his face. yep. I'd probably get some boobs too. I figure if I'm out and gonna be in pain anyway, might as well go the extra mile and be hot. thirdly I'd get one of the scars on my stomach fixed, namely the one that looks like someone stabbed me with a dagger. the other 6-inch-long scar doesn't bother me. I feel it adds character. the stab wound however is an eyesore. if you are wondering about the scars, I'll explain later. but don't worry no one stabbed me. -$20,000

...I still have some cashola so I'll pay off my car.

...then I'll take some trips.

...then I'll buy something good for my brother, like a new instrument or something.

...I'd invest some more.

...I'd give some to charities, but I'm not sure which ones (this is pretty sorry considering I work for one but hey, they're not all the same in all locations).

...I'd buy a house in lexington.

...I'd go on a big fat shopping spree to decorate my new house.

...I'd go on another shopping spree for all the things I like: clothes, shoes, purses, really I could just shop till I dropped.

...I'd buy a canon 30D and take some photography lessons from some awesome teacher, so I could learn to do stuff the right way instead of how I taught myself to do it which is probably the long way.

...I was going to say I'd buy a 2nd house at IOP or folly but that'd totally drain my cashola. hmm.

ok, I must do homework now. I have been procrastinating a lot.

what would you do if you had a million dollars?

let me know, it is always fun :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

so here's the deal

in general, I like new york.
I do not like new york when it is raining.

these are the things I love about new york

(in no particular order)

1. seeing someone funny, inevitably.

case in point...yesterday.

a man in a powered wheelchair, jazzy-type thing (not the funny part)...

wearing a royal blue suit and a baseball cap.

singing at the top of his lungs, into a microphone...

I noticed he was sitting ON an amp/speaker.

nice little set up he had there on the jazzy!

case in point #2...october.

on the train back to connecticut.

a 7 foot tall black man gets on the train.

he was wearing a flaming red spiked wig.

a red feather boa.

a red crop top.

black knee high boots w/pantyhose.

a black MESH mini skirt.

and women's panties.

to borrow a page from ashley roe's book: true story.

2. canal street

yesterday I got 5 designer purses. cheap.

I believe the coach bags are real, but stolen.

the gucci bag, maybe.

the prada bag, more questionable, but love it anyway.

canal street can be a little scary, but it is worth it.

a lady walked me all over creation yesterday,

but it was the purse jackpot.

I'm gonna try to convince Brooke to go back with me in a few weeks.

3. jamba juice

really, this one speaks for itself.

you've not had a smoothie till you've had jamba.

it rocks.

my favorites are aloha pineapple and strawberries wild.

4. broadway

I love broadway shows.

poop on them for being so expensive.

jake (my bro) wanted to see phantom,

but our options were $113 tickets, or standing only.

so we opted for chicago instead.

it was my 2nd time seeing it on broadway, but it was still awesome.

it is my fav.

I have watched hairspray, chicago x2, beauty & the beast...

5. ok I can't think of the specific 5th thing.

but I'll tell you this:

it is not smelly city smell.

it is not cab drivers

scaring the living crap out of me.

it is not people running the heck over you.

it is not a lot of things.

but it is also a lot of good things.

so you see. it is all good :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

i'm back action

Got fed up. Deleted my typepad blog.
I only blog every so often these days and I was sick of paying for it.
I'm still deciding if I am happy with my decision, but I think I am.

so, I am looking for a new job.
I think it is the right thing to do.
scary, but hoping something better will work out for me.
I need to "go places."
I think I am one of those people who does not know what she wants to do,
because there are 3 areas I am interested in:
HR, non-profit, and student services.
none of them really seem to go together. but whatev.
I do have some experience in most of it.

so kentucky lost their bball game today.
if, next season, I am not living in a zone that gets all the UK games on tv,
I will be purchasing whatever thing allows me to see them all.
because this season, I mostly only saw games we lost.
and then I got pissed.
however, I am happy to report that I saw DUKE lose. ha-freakin-ha!

ok, well thats good for now.
my brother is coming to visit on tuesday.
I am exited.
I am still trying to figure out this whole banner crap on the new blogger.
it is mostly pissing me off.
maybe it will be pretty again one day.

oh and here is a picture for good measure. from the weekend.