Wednesday, May 23, 2007

sorry sparky

yesterday, I had a work-related meeting on the naval base. my boss said he was going to ride with me since I am able to get on base more "hassle-free" since I have a base sticker and military ID. ok, whatever.

as I approach the gate, barney fife points me over to the far "vehicle inspection" lane. in 2½ years of being married to the military, I've never had a vehicle inspection. I guess they saw me, I look so dangerous and all. we were cutting it close for our meeting time. a four letter word escaped my mouth in the presence of my boss. I'm doing wonderfully. barney and company hurried it up when I told them we were on our way to meet with the base commanding officer (read: top dawg). after running the mirror under my car and seeing I had no bombs, I guess they figured I was telling the truth.

so we get to our meeting. the commander had made a scheduling error. he was going to be coming an hour later. whatever. we waited. got on with the meeting. it was fine. but then.

the speed limit on most parts of the base is 25 mph.
yes, 25 mph.
except when you're riiiiiight about to exit the base.
it goes to 15 mph.
well, I guess I forgot to slam on my breaks, because guess who got stopped?!
yeah, me. with my freakin boss in the car.
I was going 11 miles over, a fiesty 26mph.
have they nothing better to do than stop someone for going 26?!

these things would never have happened had I been driving alone.
pretty much the whole office has had a good laugh.
oh--I posted 25mph photo because I couldn't even FIND one that said 15 mph.
seriously. I don't make this stuff up.

Monday, May 14, 2007

somethin new

I'm gonna take a page from EK's book and work from a list...haven't blogged in awhile, so I need to do [say] something!

1-loving a french manicure lately. unfortunately, i'm not super great at "drawing" a straight line. my left hand usually looks okay...but my right one is sometimes a little ick.

2-so, I made the mistake of forgetting to mail my mom's mother's day gift until friday. so, I decided maybe ups would be faster. well, I was wrong. I paid $18 and she still hasn't gotten it. oh well. at least I got her something. my brother didn't even call!

3-I emailed my mom a picture of me and my dog. she asked if I had been smoking pot (no lie). apparently she thought my eyes looked bloodshot. for the record, I have not been smoking--anything.

4-speaking of the bloodshot eyes...could be because my eyes are strained. I really need to get an eye exam and new (stronger) contacts. TJ wants me to have lasik...but I'm kind of scared. plus it is like $3K. screw that, lets go on vaca.

5-I got my diploma in the mail this past saturday, since I did not attend my graduation ceremony. kinda sad about that but oh well. I bought a rather large frame to put it in and am going to hang it in my office. tj was teasing me about it, to which I replied, "I'm hangin this bitch on the wall and staring at it all day! I earned it!"

I'm such a lady, I know :)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

my interview

Ali sent me the following questions to answer in an interview-ish follow along :) it will be loads of fun, I promise!

1. Fashionista or fashion victim?

Well I'm not a fashionista, but I'm not really a "victim," either. I guess I'd fall somewhere in the middle! I usually know what is "in" but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm the one wearing it. I try to look cute without looking too over-the-top trendy...prolly makes no sense!

2. What was your favorite vacation ever?

Probably the first cruise my husband and I went on! It was pretty awesome--Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, & Belize. I swam with and KISSED a stingray! This was before the whole Steve Irwin tragedy. My 2nd fav vaca would have to be Hawaii--Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. I think that one is pretty self-explanatory.

3. Who is a strong, famous female who inspires you?

another hard one! hmm...I think I'll pick someone like Fergie. ok, a--she is hot and I'd love that body, b--she is talented, and c--she has overcame an addiction to crystal meth, an uphill battle that I'm sure wasn't easy. not that I'd ever want to be hooked on drugs, but I'm just saying, that took courage and dedication to overcome that.

4. What body part do you least dislike?

This is really hard! It is so easy to come up with the parts I DO dislike. These aren't really parts (more like features) but thins I like about myself are eyes, smile, and hair. My hair is annoying but I get a lot of compliments so I guess that is good.

5. What was the last thing that made you cry?

Um...TV? I think. I got teary when I watched Grey's on Thursday night. Nothing since then, and before that I do not remember...which is odd because I feel like I cry a lot. I get frustrated, stressed, sad, mad, etc...and I cry. haha

so ya wanna be interviewed? you know you wanna! if so leave me a comment and I'll send you some questions! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


that is what tj calls me sometimes.
it is his way of saying I'm clumsy.
which I am.
I really have no idea how I was a cheerleader for so long.
to quote my mother, I could "trip over the pattern in the carpet."

so anyways.
sunday night I was eating chips & salsa.
I happened to be wearing a new zip-up hoodie.
I got salsa on the sleeve.
son of a!
shout-wiped it off.

today I was eating a morning snack.
an oh-so-good for you chocolate chip granola bar.
apparently a little bit of chocolate got on my leg.
I did not notice.
crossed my legs so now it ends up on both legs.
shout-wiped it off.

shout wipes, you get the stain out.
but you piss me off.
you leave a spot.
not a stain-y spot, but a spot that says:"I was here."

so now I need to wash my pants tonight I guess, which I hate doing.
it ruins the nice I wash dress pants as little as possible.

I blame my own problems (my clumsiness) on others (shout-wipes).
it works for me.