Monday, June 25, 2007

matchmaker matchmaker, make me a match

hola senioritas (and senors, if u may be reading)!

I am back in the Constitution State after spending some time in Kentucky the past few days. I went for a wedding of my friends Aaron & Megan. Aaron was my first friend ever. He and I lived by one another when we were just wee lads. I met Megan in 2004 when we worked together. I introduced them that summer and the rest is history! :)

I arrived late late late Wednesday night (around 11:30). My in-laws picked me up and said "this is the first time you've ever been on time!" To that, I replied: "yep! didn't fly northwest to get here!" ha! seriously. I slept at their house and drove to my parent's house the next day. It was good to see them. Saw my mother's nose piercing for the first time (yes u read that correctly). Insert eye roll. I am choosing to overlook that one! ack

anyway, mid-afternoon I spoke with my aunt and we were planning a family dinner for that night. we decided who would call who and such..I'd call my granny, she'd call her son jonathan & his wife. fast forward a little. I went up to see my cousin and her son. he is 5, and such a loveable kid! we're out on the deck and I asked him if he knew about dinner. he says, "yep! my mommy told me! and guess what else! jonathan and april," and at this point I thought he was going to say 'are coming too,' "are gonna have another baby!!" yeah, he'd just found out about 15 minutes prior! not a good secret keeper! ha! funny kid!

a couple pics from the trip...first, my favorite man in the world (sorry, tj).

my youngest cousin, laurel madison (her mommy & daddy are the ones "having another baby!")

aaron & megan exiting the church

a picture I definitely staged

megan and I

my wedding date, ann (who coincidentally also married a childhood friend of mine!)

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

where I go everyday

I happened to have my camera at work with me today because I had to go take some photos of I took some pix. I thought I'd show you my office. where I go everyday. I took a couple of photos, kind of a before and after if you will, haha. I like my office ok, it is a little small but no biggie. it gets hot tough, which irritates. our a/c hasn't been working properly.

this is my desk after a typical day:

this is my view when I enter, you'll notice I put my degree where the world can see it:

after I decided I didn't want to walk back into a category 4 hurricane in the am:

annnd lastly, just one of the things I happen to like a lot, haha:

so anyways. tomorrow I have to give a presentation to our Board of Directors. I'm a little nervous about that but I'm trying not to stress. I think I'm gonna go take a nice hot shower and then call it a nite. happy friday :)

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ahhh kelly clarkson!

would just like to say...if you plan to wax, have someone else do it. ripping your own wax strip off your face is....bad. had to psych myself up for about 5 minutes, with the strip stuck to me.

I would also like to add that no, I do not get my chest waxed. just wanted to clear that up, thanx.

Monday, June 11, 2007

there's somethin strange in the neighborhood

I know, I know. I am a sorry excuse for a blogger! As I told nichole, I no longer seem to do anything interesting worth blogging about. that is sad. I feel like an old fart. I want that to change! must work on that.

how was your weekend peoples? on saturday it poured the whole day, putting quite the damper on my mood. I read about 200+ pages of I Know This Much is True. Kind of a hard read. it is 900 pages, I'm on about 500. I borrowed it from my boss, who hated it. He did not finish it. It is hard to get into. If you've read Lamb's other novel, She's Come Undone, you'll understand when I say this book is quite the heavy read, touching on taboo and often emotional topics. I probably sound totally like "the old fart" I don't wanna be...I just love to read. I'm a nerd!

on a much lighter note, I also saw Knocked Up--twice! It is hilarious. If you are offended by incessant use of the f-word, I would not suggest it. There is also a scene at the end where, if you're like me, you'll pull a Phoebe (from Friends) and shout, "MY EYES! MY EYES!" Best birth control ever. I saw it first with hubby on Saturday night, and again yesterday afternoon with my friend Lauren, after she took what you see below.

my mom wanted a recent headshot of me for a newspaper thing. well, I had none. so Lauren and I went down to the marina and played. which do you like best?? the first one (horizontal) is so funny, because I have another picture from almost 3 years ago exactly that is so similar. I have my head tilted, same smile, hair kinda is kinda creepy! let me know what you think b/c I want to see if our opinions are the same.

happy monday! :)