Wednesday, August 29, 2007

top 5 things

so, blogging has not been my strong subject lately! I thought to get back in the groove, I'd jack some of ashley roe's subject matter and talk about some things...things you might find funny!

top 5 things you can do to piss me off

1-cut me off in traffic. it is pretty much guaranteed I will call you a b****, even if you're a man. I have road rage, what can I say? it is a flaw.

2-act like you're smarter than I am. I mean, if you are, that is great--I probably already know it! don't be a jackass and try & rub it in my face. futher? if you and I both know you have no idea what you're talking about, don't be a jackass and still try to act smarter. your ignorance shows buddy!

3-make fun of my accent or the way I talk, because it really isn't that bad. at least I don't say "pahk tha cah in tha yahd!"

4-failing to follow thru. I am not a fan of this. do what you say you're gonna!!

5-make stupid decisions that are not in your best interest, or anybody else's for that matter. there is something to be said for learning from experiences, but there is no excuse for ignorance. if you're my friend, I'll get mad at you for being stupid, but you're lucky cause I will love you anyway.

top 5 ways to get on my good side

1-compliment me. everybody loves having their ego stroked! :)

2-show your soft side. I mean, don't be a whiner or a pansy, but show me you have a heart! be kind to others, help an old lady with her groceries, volunteer for a good cause...and so on and so forth.

3-be nice to my dog. she is like my child. be a butthole about my dog and I'm pretty much guaranteed not to like you. I mean, who doesn't like animals?! they are the best.

4-help me out. I'm always saying at work, "teamwork gets it done." cheesy I know, but it is true! if everyone in life just helped each other a little more, can you imagine how much better things would be?

5-have a positive outlook and an open mind!

5 things I want to do before this year ends

1-go to Boston. It is high time I mark this one off the list!

2-hire someone to clean my house on a regular basis. I hate cleaning.

3-get a passport...I'm way overdue!

4-improve my public speaking skills...I am such a moron...but it is true. I'm currently working on this.

5-go thru every box of junk that is in my garage and purge the crap! I've lived in this house for over a year and there are still boxes in the garage, things that don't have "homes." clearly I do not need the stuff, I should just drive it to the goodwill!

top 5 things I should be doing right now

1-reading economics, "the elasticity of demand and supply." ugh

2-cleaning. the downstairs is a little more wrecked than I'd like it to be at the moment!

3-getting ready for bed...wash face, brush teeth, set alarm, decide on clothes, take dog outside...and whatever else it is I do routinely!

4-planning. I have lots of things to do and it helps me to plan them all out, prioritize, when to do what, etc. I am a very methodical person.

5-not blogging. that pretty much sums it up!!

I bet you learned more about me than ya planned on learning tonight, didn't ya? :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

school, bowling, dairy queen

the journey to my master's degree has officially begun! one week in, and I'm already covered up. the 3 classes I'm taking this semester are marketing, management, and economics. I will certainly be spending some of tomorrow and/or sunday at the library. there is a beautiful new library not too far so I might go study there and see how that goes.

tj and I went bowling tonight. we are going to be on a bowling league. feel free to make fun, but please keep it to yourself. I know it is cheesy, but whatev. apparently I do well under pressure, or I was just exceptionally lucky, because I bowled better tonight than ever before! tj told me to stop doing so well because I was "setting my average." his specific words were, "just bowl 2 good games, and one in the shitter." good for a laugh, hah!

after bowling we went to dairy queen. small pb cup blizzard, need I say more? dairy queen is only open until labor day, then it will close until february. gotta get while the gettin is good!

am doing some photos tomorrow morning for V and her hubby. she and I have been emailing for months so it will be nice to finally meet her. but, I am getting tired. so I'm going to go to bed in order to be able to wake up in the am. ciao!

Friday, August 17, 2007


ammo, originally uploaded by jill.barnett.

I felt like taking a photo while the flash was attached to my camera...for the record, the light was off in the bathroom. oh and I shot in RAW. go me :)

I start my masters classes on Monday. I already have homework--I've looked.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


some photo fun today....a. + k.
thanks for being good sports, guys! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

my to-do list

do you like lists? I feel I get much more accomplished when I work from a list. plus, it is an incredibly validating feeling to cross something off the list! I make a list nearly everyday at work. I am especially a fan of my little "to-do" pad...but it will run out soon, and then I will be sad! anywho, some things on my "personal" to-do list...

1-make an appointment to have my eyes examined!!

I need to do this like yesterday. my eyes are getting tired quite easily and I am starting to be squinty! ick. I've been putting it off because I was waiting for my insurance card to come in the mail. I recently got a 2nd policy for vision insurance, which is kind of ridiculous, but at $2 a week I figure it beats paying like $400 for contacts and glasses.

2-speaking of appointments, make lilly a grooming appointment.

my dog is non-shedding, which is fantastic. she only sheds when she needs a haircut...and even then it isn't bad. but seeing as how I wear black pants to work quite see how this is a problem, I am sure.

3-clean out my car. it is grossing me out. it needs a major vaccuming, wash, everything really!

4-call a cleaning lady. check on the cost. when I went full time at work 4 months ago, I said I was getting a cleaning lady. have I done it? no. now that I'm starting school again, I think I am totally justified. of course tj will be mad because we will still have to clean, which in his mind, i'm sure, totally defeats the purpose. boys, ugh.

5-go to sleep. I have been staying up too late!

I leave you with a photo of my cousin's daughter. isn't she beautiful? she turns one later this month. it breaks my heart, but I have only gotten to see her twice, at christmas 06 and this past june. thankfully, her dad is very good about emailing photos [such as this one]. he sent another recently of her eating peas, and that was kinda funny :) goodnite!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

I'm gonna be an eagle

two posts ago, I mentioned that I "took a leap of faith." I didn't want to say what it was depending on what happened. but now I'm ready to tell you :)

I got accepted to graduate school! I'm starting work on my MBA!

so the details....

I said I would "never again!" take online classes....well, I'm a liar. I really wanted to start my masters now, and considered UCONN, but I was afraid that we'd get transferred before I was finished. they have a unique program and I was worried my coursework wouldn't transfer. soooo....

I was browsing the website for my brother's university, and noticed they had an online MBA program. I checked into it, figured things out, and applied. I am accepted "conditionally" right now because I haven't taken my GMAT, so I've gotta do that this fall semester. ewww.

today we ordered a new laptop for me. naturally I'd have loved the pink cover/top, but I decided I'd better go with black. pink isn't very professional, and I might get tired of it.

I am still deciding if I'm totally crazy. I did, after all, just finish my bachelor's, and am currently working full time. oh's as good a time as any!