Sunday, November 25, 2007

turkey day

pictures from our turkey day weekend. on thursday we watched christmas vacation and put up our christmas tree, then went to eat at cracker barrel. fun eh? thats what you do when you spend thanksgiving as a two-some!

on friday we went shopping...JUST kidding! there was nothing I wanted so bad I was getting up that early! we didn't do much at all. we did, however, watch "A Christmas Story." You know the movie..."you'll shoot your eye out kid"..."ralphie" is a favorite. I've probably seen it a hundred times. TJ, however, had NEVER seen it before. my mom got him the DVD for christmas last year, so we watched it :)

I've been listening to lots of christmas music, compliments of Sirius satellite radio channel 2. I cannot believe the weekend is gone already. tomorrow, work, bleh. oh well!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

my crib

sooo I hadn't posted any pics in awhile, so I decided to post. they are all pretty random.

economics, or gossip mags? which would you choose?

the top of our dvd shelf...I like the 3-photo frame that I put rub-ons on :)

two layouts from glenni...from an old 2ps photo swap.
I know I need different colored candles...and if you're wondering what the thing is on top of the frame on the is a wooden silhouette of the new Cooper River bridge connecting Charleston & Mt P, SC :)

one of my end tables...frame is from my good friend anders :) photo taken by my brother 2 yrs ago at folly beach, SC. it was our '05 christmas card. oh, eiffel tower lamp, bought on ebay. paid ridiculous amount for it.
my coffee table on a saturday morning. a usual occurrence.
my magazine basket. fills up more every week thanx to the 65 catalogs VS sends me on a given day. have to clean it out often.
lilly on her rug at the bottom of the stairs. desperate need of a haircut.
playing with a toy lauren gave to her :)
so today I'm very happy. looking forward to a nice long weekend! I also rocked it on an econ quiz and a mgmt exam last night. super happy about that, especially since my performance to date in Econ has been less than satisfactory. despite those cheers...I'm also feeling a little bit sad. thanksgiving is [obviously] tomorrow and we will not get to see any of our family. on top of that though, today is my dad's birthday. they [mom, dad, brother] are going out to dinner tonight with my aunt & cousins, then all going bowling. I just miss them. I miss them more when I find out they are doing "family" things and I'm not there. missing out.

I rec'd an anonymous comment on my last blog. no, I am not pregnant. that would suck.

I hope everyone has a lovely thanksgiving tomorrow. we may [or may not!] put up our christmas tree. I might watch the macy's parade on tv like I used to do when I was little. maybe I'll sleep in. that'd be good, too!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

just one more day...

just one more day till the weekend...weee!

I have drank an entire carton of orange juice on my own this week...which is odd. I never really drink o.j. but, sooo many people around me have been sick lately, so I've been trying to drink my o.j. and get my sleep and wash my hands...because I cannot really afford to be ill.

wanting some dark jeans. I really hate jeans shopping.

tv has been making me cry lately. stupid. I have no idea why? if it is sad, I cry. I think it is the stress. yeah, blame that.

my performance in my economics class continues to suck tremendously. I texted my friend ann tonight with an econ-related question. she writes back in like 2 seconds. I'm sure she thinks I'm an idiot.

thinking about nyc and the rockefeller tree and what a kool christmas photo that would be...

my last 2 morning coffees have tasted absolutely disgusting. not a nice start to the day.

after 1.5 yrs on the mkt, my in-laws finally sold their house. today they made an offer on an awesome & brand new house. I hope it works out because we have 7 days in kentucky for christmas...

work is busting my cajones lately! it sort of feels like no matter how hard I am pounding the pavement, the results just aren't there. and even if the results are better than they've ever been for anyone else, they still suck. it is kinda frustrating, because it is all like one big test. and hopefully even if I get a 'crap grade' I'll still pass with flying colors.

my blogging becomes more pointless with each passing day...

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Friday, November 9, 2007

friday funnies

I'm so glad it is Friday! What about you?? thought I'd share some funnies with you...from an email I got: "why kids are (or aren't) great!"

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

because I feel like it!

welcome to: a random blogging my mizzez jill barnett

I hate washing my hair. Rephrase: I hate the aftermath of washing my hair. Washing it is nice, feels clean, smells good. It is the blowing drying, straightening, all that jazz that I hate. that is why I do it as little as possible without looking like a grease monkey.

I am firing my cleaning lady. She has only been to my house twice. I like the term my friend uses: "she don't got the chops." There was toothpaste in my sink after she left. Minuscule, but it was there.

I am a perfectionist. I like things to be done a certain way, and to be done well. Concur with above statement.

Everyday I curse someone out on the highway. Everyday. It is a terribly bad habit. Yesterday I called someone a stupid b****rd. This morning it was a dumb*** m.f. It is sooo not lady like at all.

Today at work Julia told me I looked really pretty. Which was nice, because yesterday Kevin told me my photo [that was in the newspaper] looked like Hilary Clinton. This was after he had told me he thought I was about 28 years old. To top it off, last night TJ refers to this girl on tv as a hot chick. She was fugly. It was not a good day for me!

I enjoy browsing real estate and jobs. Even if I'm not seeking, I enjoy looking. It is like window shopping. Only it works better for me because in a store, I'm not a good window shopper. at all.

I love organization. I am not, as my friend Dana calls herself "neurotically organized," but I am fairly organized. And while I might not be neurotically organized, I'd say I'm neurotic, but also organized. Just not together.

along those lines, I am working on an excel spreadsheet. I am trying to minimize stress & figure out how we will divide our time between families over the holidays. I'm sure the spreadsheet is just wishful thinking. the spreadsheet itself is stressing me out!

I always seem to yawn a lot. no matter what I do...even when I've gotten a lot of sleep, even when I've drank coffee, I am just a yawner. some people never seem to yawn. lucky.

alrighty...that is enough! you know you love me....