Monday, August 25, 2008

reasons NOT to live in Connecticut


In Connecticut our gas is down to $3.79 a gallon. I consider this national news.

Today I heard that gas in Massachusetts is only $3.55 a gallon. It is also cheaper in New Jersey, where it is against the law to pump your own gas, yet
full service is still cheaper than in CT where you do all the work
yourself. Upon his return from San Diego last week, TJ also said it was
cheaper in California. CALIFORNIA!

I am so ready to move out of this crap state. Not to be cynical or anything, just ya know, for fun...

Jill's Top 10 Reasons NOT to Take Up Residence in the State of Connecticut

  1. Gas is $3.79 a gallon [reference paragraph 1]

  2. I've come to believe that 82 degrees is HOT.

  3. 900 miles from Kentucky.

  4. Beach=Long Island Sound=Polluted=YUCK

  5. "There must be an era" (error)

  6. Yet people think I talk funny. They don't know it is their problem.

  7. For $200,000 you can buy a crap house that needs a lot of work. And has an above ground pool filled with brown water!! Sign me up! Include an adjustable rate sub-prime mortgage!

  8. We have 4 seasons. But winter is about 8 months long.

  9. The toilets in my house don't work. Worth a damn. The handles fall off. Sometimes they explode. Literally.

  10. When
    my neighbors cook fried bologna, smelly fish, or smoke a pack of cigarettes all at
    once, it stinks up my house. Then they curse at their children. LOUDLY.

also wants me to blog about what I did last night. When he took the dog
outside, he let in a moth. I proceeded to get my new handy-dandy
Dustbuster (which I love by the way), stand on top of the couch, and
wave the Dustbuster around (using the word muther-chucker) until I sucked up the moth. The good news is
that I succeeded. The bad news is that TJ laughed so hard he nearly
shot milk out of his nose.

this photo is strictly for re-enactment purposes only. I am not the fat ass I appear to be in these pants. I promise.
and for demonstrative purposes, how I know I have the smartest dog in the world. she must have been blogging!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I hate ironing

During my last semester at UK, I was talking with my friend and sorority sister during physics class. obviously we should not have been talking but we had to spice it up was physics, after all. so naturally we did so by talking about ironing. ooh, so spicy, I know.

I expressed my distaste for ironing and the infrequency of which I ironed things. She confided in me, however, that she ironed everything. Including her underwear.

"Ashley," I questioned, "why on earth do you iron your underwear?! You're putting them on your butt!"

"I don't know Jill!! I just feel really weird not doing it. I like everything to be perfect!" she responded.

Fair enough I suppose. But in my head I've always thought it kind of funny and odd that she ironed her panties.

Today I still hate ironing. I iron as little as possible. I own a My Little Steamer, which works fairly well, but in many situations cannot compete with the iron, and therefore I am forced into doing the unthinkable.

Earlier in the week I washed some sheets. I put them in the dryer...and left them there. For basically the whole week. You can imagine what they looked like--as if someone had just wadded them up and wallered all over them. I couldn't stand it. Even though I was only going to fold them and place them in the closet, I felt the need to iron them.

And so, I found myself with the ironing board, iron, a spray bottle of water, and the very odd and awkward task of trying to iron king size sheets. After two pillow cases and about half of the fitted sheet, I said to hell with it.

Thats what I get for making fun of her for ironing her panties, I guess.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

'allo! :)

sorry for the lack of blogging. not much to talk about lately, so I'll post a couple of pictures. none are really PS'd because I only have elements on my laptop and I'm not super sure about it yet.

first one is of lauren when she came over last sunday. she had never played guitar hero
before. she did a lot of laughing. you can see Miss Lilly in the
this one is me playing guitar hero. it was not a good hair day.
this is me on tuesday at work. I had a blank check! HA! that one will probably never happen again!

tuesday afternoon
I was supposed to take Lilly to the vet at 3:50 and apparently, I
forgot to set a reminder on my computer. Glanced at the clock at
exactly 3:58, woops. I called the vet's office and said, "Hi, this is
Jill Barnett. Yeah, I completely just missed my dog Lilly's
appointment." Maybe it was the frustration or pathetic-ness in my
voice, because the lady started laughing. So we rescheduled Lilly to go today [Thursday---at 3:50. I set a reminder immediately, which is good because
I literally had 5 appointments on today. 2 meetings, 2 conference
calls, and her appointment. I hate days like today because it feels like
I get nothing done. however, last night TJ said, "oh, don't worry about it, I'll take her." I said are you sure, I had planned for it, and he said "oh no no, don't worry, I'll take her." I happily obliged...before adding, "Don't forget, they need a fresh stool sample!"


in other news, I am loving watching the Olympics :) the gymnastics and swimming are my favorite. But, I'll be glad when they're over so maybe I can sleep! this is my last "free" week before classes start back on Monday. boo. when school is in session, time goes by so slowly...but these free weeks have just zoomed past! boo! At any rate, I read "Bitter is the New Black" and "Chasing Harry Winston." Currently, I'm waiting for the sequel to Bitter to arrive via mail!

Here are some more pictures...Lilly got her haircut yesterday :) the first 2 are from last night, but the 3rd is from today. I don't think she is feeling well (now) from her vaccinations. TJ said she was showing off at the vet, by the way. heheh :P

notice the Tiffany blue hairbows! perfect!
T-R please? YUM!hi mommy, I'm so glad you're home. nappy time.
k people, that is all for now. I need to get in bed. I've got a meeting tomorrow that I'm uhhh, not really prepared for.

Monday, August 11, 2008


haven't posted in quite awhile...I apologize.

I finished my summer classes--woo! I got A's in both courses, so that was a nice relief! my fall courses start up on August 18th. I'm taking an Accounting course as well as a Business Comm course. not much of a break, but I'll take it!

I currently smell like an old lady. I was a Kohl's a bit ago, and I sprayed a sample of perfume. Let's just say I do not know how this one is still on the market. Oddly enough it was a Ralph Lauren fragrance?! Ugh. I guess I'm "in the market" for a new scent. I ordered some Magnolia Blossom *B & B Works scent, retired* from Amazon because I couldn't find it in the store! Hopefully it will come soon. I'm also thinking I might like some Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. We'll see. I just wanna smell lovely ;)

So, no news about the government job I mentioned. However I did interview for another job, at another United Way. I was actually offered the job, but was unable to accept it. It would have meant driving 70 more miles per day, and the money just couldn't quite justify that. I hope I do not regret it. What is meant to be will be, I suppose.

Anywho, my apologies for the lack of bloggings. Not much interesting to discuss lately. I'll try to do something fun to blog about, hee hee :)