Wednesday, October 29, 2008

words to remember

followed another blog this afternoon to a wonderful reminder...something I definitely needed to read today. 

2 Chronicles 15:7 

"But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

oct 26--where did you go, my lovely?

props to anyone who caught on to the lyrics in the title... (even though I thought it was from a different song, but anyway...)

1-so where did I go? well I have been busy. I have been working a lot and I don't look for it to slow down in the next couple of weeks. bleh. we're busy trying to raise $9.1 million dollars.

2-I've also been busy with schoolwork. just completed mid-terms...fortunately I have A's in both classes. my weekends are pretty much consumed with homework though, because I think I'm a poor time manager. that, or I'm just so done by the time I get home from work that I have -zero- desire to do anything else. today I'm sure I will spend some time on the phone with my friend Rebecca. we are (not) wannabe accountants so we work together.

3-my neck has been hurting a lot lately :( I'm sure it is related to the obscene amounts of time I've been spending at my computer, as well as the amount of stress I'm experiencing. I really need to schedule a deep massage as well as a day off from work. I just need some me time.

4-I am looking forward to my "christmas break" from school. I have some organizing projects I want to tackle here, plus it will just be nice to not have to think about accounting for awhile! in addition, we are going to kentucky for a couple of days. that is sure to be complicated. in a related matter, northwest airlines is the only airline (seemingly) that has not increased their rates for traveling with a pet. Delta--$100 one way! Continental? $125 one way! at that price the dog's travel would have been more than mine! geez!

5-so speaking of the holiday, I'm listening to christmas music on :) I've also busted out the cocomotion this year. it is getting cold! I've got the urge to make some christmas cards with all my new stamp goodies, but don't know when I will find time *sigh*

okay, I've said nothing relevant or important, so now I must go. just trying to keep up a little. happy Sunday!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

october 12--the beat goes on!

1-yesterday after getting fat eating at Outback, we went to petsmart. I found what I'm getting Lilly for Christmas. can't go wrong! {please notice, I'm sporting my Kentucky blue. C-A-T-S! except I'm in the D-O-G aisle!}


2-spent from about 9:30 am this morning to about 7:30 pm this evening working on accounting. seriously? my life? not always fun and games people! (like my question marks, a la jen lancaster)

3-don't crap your pants or anything, but I scrapbooked. NO KIDDING. the pictures on this layout are going on a year old, so I figured it was about time...

First snow

4-if I didn't get you the first time, you'll definitely soil yourself now folks. not just one page, but two!

Just us 

someone please smack me, because I really can't even stand the word "folks"...

5-kinda sorta hate my husband just a little bit. tomorrow he's off work for a "government holiday." what kind of crap is that? friday, he was off on "special liberty." more crap. I have to work tomorrow. am considering just not showing up since I'll probably be the only person there (no, really)...but thats not really my style.

xoxo ;)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

october 9? oh no he din-dt!

in an effort to post more frequently, perhaps I shall stick to the "list-y" mode like the last post. hope that is okay...

1-Currently have a batch of chili brewing. It is a recipe I've never made before, but I decided to try it out because we have a "chili cook-off" at work tomorrow. The recipe is a la Cincinnati Skyline Chili which has both cinnamon and Worcestershire in it. We shall see--have no clue really how it will turn out!

2-Am so excited! The Office starts in just 3 minutes!! Cannot wait! It was bumped last week due to the debate and this week is sure to be a real gut-buster. **ok, I was wrong. It starts at 9!** The other reason I'm so excited about The Office is that it will not be interrupted by a super long MBA chat night! It is our off week for "fall break." Yippee!!

3-Apparently I do a pretty good Paula Deen impression. Today three of us were discussing cooking shows (ya know, in preparation for the chili show down tomorrow) and someone mentioned Paula Deen. I promptly piped in with a "Hey Ya'll!" and got wide-eyed looks and a, "THAT was really good." This pleases me because I love doing different voices and am a bit...animated. I've noticed this about myself more often recently, and wonder if this makes me seem immature. FYI, I am wise beyond my years. If I wanna do a funny voice, that is my right, yo.

4-Feeling like this has been the longest week ever. Really, it shouldn't feel that way since I didn't even go to to work on Monday. There has been lots of drama. Lots of just...ugh. This week, I have spent a lot of time out of the office, but still. Wish I had a 4-day weekend like my skanky husband! Boo!!

5-Lilly is going to be Miss Pepe LePew for Halloween. It is only fitting of course since she once chased a skunk, I screamed bloody murder, and it is only by the grace of God that she didn't get sprayed. Problem is that I put her ears thru the holes on the "cap" thing. She shakes really hard and gets it off her head. Doesn't she look miserable?

"I hate you Mommy"

"you just wait. I'll get you for this!"

Monday, October 6, 2008

october 6? for real?

someone explain how this happened? man!

1-I'm all caught up on my tv shows (gossip girl and the office). for the next 1.5 hrs, that is. we'll see where I am with the accounting homework when 8:00 rolls around, but right now, it is not looking good. I'm feeling incredibly stupid! I hate that feeling! **scratch that. GG re-run. didn't even finish this in time anyway**

2-I went over on my text messaging this past month. yikes! crap! doh! I wonder what the next "up" plan is?

3-Have watched some movies lately--Baby Mama, What Happens in Vegas, and yes, finally, Sex and the City!

4-I ordered some scrapbooking items. I know! It must have frozen over down there! some items purchased were inspired by last week's MACM over at kwernerdesign blog. these are the items I purchased: Cosmo Cricket papers, Cosmo Cricket stamps, American Crafts Flair, American Crafts papers 1, 2, 3, & 4.......And thennn...this week's MACM over at kwernerdesign blog inspired these purchases: cap & scarf penguin, santa owl, & three owls. It's a bad blog, I tell you :p

5-this is what an MBA looks like. in case you need clarification, it looks like a trainwreck! which, at this point in time, explains how I feel. cleaning up this table a bit, and heading to bed! *yawn!*