Wednesday, April 8, 2009

wayyy back wednesday: vol. 3

Happy Wednesday, everyone! My apologies for missing last week's Way Back Wednesday. I was kind of crazy last week getting ready for my Economics test (on which I scored a 90%, hooray), and writing my paper for Marketing (score unknown thus far). Anyway, here we go...


Jill and Vanessa--September 2004

This was a grrrreat weekend. It was Labor Day weekend, and this photo was taken at a Tim McGraw concert. A concert to which we bought tickets for just $20 with our UK student IDs! Gotta tell ya...I've never had better seats at a concert! If we look tan, it is because we'd been hanging out by the pool all day (either that day or the day before, I don't remember).

Vanessa and I met during my freshman year. We actually met at a party...and kept seeing one another at parties after that. We became good friends...we went on a Spring Break trip together to Panama City FL, and lots of other fun stuff! We were both in the Elementary Education program at UK and thought we had a plan. Little did we know!

This photo was actually taken during what was the last semester at UK for both Vanessa and I. Neither of us did what we thought we were going to do. Both of us went down different paths than we'd planned, but I know I'm happy with where I ended up (and I think she is, too). I last saw her about 2.5 yrs ago when she flew up to NYC (she works for an airline). I miss seeing her and talking to her regularly.

Oh and PS--my hair color in this photo? It is natural. Just thought I'd throw that in there, since it has been awhile since I've sported that color ;)

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  1. What pretty girls! And congrats on your econ test - that's amazing! (spoken from someone who barely managed to squeak by in Econ, and I do mean barely!)


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