Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday, July 18th...

Happy Saturday! I really cannot believe it is July 18th...I've only recently gotted used to writing '09' instead of '08' (when I list a date or something), and now the year is half over! Yikes!

Regarding my workout challenge, for yesterday and today...I'm disappointed in myself. I didn't fail completely, but I strayed, and my body felt it. Yesterday my husband came home for a minute at lunch, and said "I have a meeting at 1, but I'll be home around 2 or 2:30-ish and after that I'd like to go to Store XYZ." I figured, well, okay, I'll just work out when we get back (so as not to have to take a 2nd shower before we went to the store).

Well 2:30 came and went, no husband. He finally got home at 4:00! In the meantime, I didn't do the Shred, because I kept thinking I'd get the workout going and be pouring sweat, and he'd roll in ready to go! When he did get home, we pretty much left right away to go to Jos.A. Bank (apparently they're going out of business) and I also stopped by the Gap.

While we were out, he mentioned he'd brought his Olive Garden gift card and suggested we eat there. Never one to turn down some delicious OG salad, I agreed. This is probably where I should tell you that when my husband stopped by at lunch...he brought me Taco Bell. Eating out twice in one day made me feel like CRAP. In all honesty, the Olive Garden dinner made me feel worse than Taco Bell. UGHHHH. Needless to say we got home and I did NOT feel like Shredding. I am pretty sure I would have either a) thrown up, or b) shat myself. Fortunately neither of those things happened (Whew).

So while I did do *some* amount of exercise on Friday, it didn't really feel like much, so that's why I say I "strayed." Now it's Saturday, and not wanting to be a glutton or fatty, I decided to Shred as soon as I woke up! After the Shred, I put my dogs on their leashes and off we went for about 1.5 miles. I did a slightly different route today with more hills, so hopefully I worked some more muscles. I feel really good and invigorated, but also, accomplished--I'm glad it is out of the way for today!

I'm noticing that I definitely feel a lot better when I work out, but I'm sorta tired/bored of hearing Jillian say the same stupid crap every day. I'm not ready to move on because Level 1 is still a bit hard. The hardest parts for me are the side lunges with shoulder raise (harder on my arms than legs, and I'm using light weights!), and my calves also kill on the stupid jump rope/jumping jack combo. "That's just fear leaving the body!" Maybe I'll put on the iPod tomorrow while doing the Shred and mute the tv...

Peace out bloggies!

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  1. You don't really have to work out every day. Also, don't even punish yourself if you happen to fall off the wagon. Just hop back right on and continue as you were. You'll feel much better when you take a rest/break/fast food day and see the calories burn off the next. (Wish I could take my own advice though! lol)


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