Saturday, January 31, 2009


we got a new doggie! her name is taffy (she came with that name) and here she is with her new family! :)


"mommy is squeezing our brains out!"


taffy and daddy


mommy and her girls :)
Lilly, btw, is giving Taffy the silent treatment...

both Lilly and Taffy are rescue doggies and are incredibly sweet. they're also both southern gals...Lilly is from South Carolina and Taffy is from Tennessee. so, you know they're pretty awesome by virtue of their origin! they also both hit the Doggie Lotto when they came to the Barnett Hizzy! :P

Sunday, January 18, 2009

yes, I scrapbooked. why?

why? well, I mean, I know it is unusual! scrapbooking is hazardous to my health. I do is so rarely these days that I endanger myself. I again stabbed myself with an X-acto knife. I've done this several times now! Ugh! anyway--I put together a layout today. please disregard the fact that the colors are off and it isn't quite lined up correctly!


in unrelated news:
--it is snowing here today and I'm loving it. TJ is not. I'm a bigger fan of the snow :)
--I was in the grocery earlier...and knocked down about a dozen boxes of cereal. two tween girls helped me pick it up. I thought that was sweet :)
--I have the day off tomorrow. Woot woot! Yee-ahh!! Can you tell I'm excited?! Because it rocks!
--Really, really need to go to the grocery. Maybe I'll try to do that tomorrow. Make a list and get it done...

Okay, that is really it for this evening. I'm tired and need to get to bed *yawn*

Saturday, January 17, 2009


as P-dub might say...I'm just keeping it real.


-shop online a lot
-"hang dry" clothes
-have a lot of dishes to do
-dishes to put away
-marketing and economics became life as of monday

hey dudes, just keepin it real. I'm about to go get my eye exam, pick up some necessities at tar-jay, and then will be coming home to do lots of work.

which needs to be done.

as you can see from the photos above.

keep it real, peeps ;)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

today I was a bad wife

I usually {try} to get out of bed at 7:00 am. That is when my alarm
goes off. Before getting married, I was not a
snooze-button-slammer-downer. They say you can't change a person. Well,
Trevor has changed me.

This morning I hit snooze a few times and
didn't get out of bed till about 7:28. I took a short shower (didn't
wash my hair, didn't shave my legs, I am disgusting I know...)...and
then I heard my husband get up. He took a shower, got ready, and left
for work.

Our house is supposedly "energy-efficient." Which is a
load of crap--since we've had two "low flow" toilets replaced with
original old fashioned toilets, since "low flow" requires 3 flushes
just to get your pee to dissolve. I digress.

Energy efficient also means little water heater.

efficient means it is virtually impossible to wash my hair and shave my
legs (both above AND below the knee) without losing hot water.

Energy efficient means it is best to adequately space out your showers.

Apparently I slept in a little too late this morning. My hubby took a cold shower. And he didn't say a word.

Until this afternoon...poor fella.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

it was a merry christmas

I'll just go ahead and tell you now in case you're on the oldest of old
Internet connections--this blog is very
picture heavy and could take some time to load. All
captioning/descriptions will be under the appropriate pictures.

first item is a photo collage I made on the Internet using pictures
from Christmas with my side of the family. I might print this out for a
scrapbook page instead of cutting up a million pictures.

Weston with his new puppy, Charlie. I cannot believe that Weston will be 7 in February. I must be getting old or something.

The above 2 photos are of Laurel, while we were playing RockBand. She really, really wanted to play the guitar or sing!!

opening his DVDs from us (Wall-E and Horton Hears a Who). Mom also got
him Indiana Jones which I think he really liked! I didn't get a lot
more pictures from Debbie's house on Christmas Eve, because my camera
battery went dead.

My Uncle Ronnie and my cousin Joe

My Nanny :)

Me and TJ at Nanny & Papaw's house

Jake and I at Nanny & Papaw's (he sat on my lap and that boy is heavy!)

My brother and I with Mom & Dad (and Miss Lil of course)

Another collage with pics from TJ's side of the family

TJ and Brandon...don't know how long it had been since they'd seen one another!

All of TJ's aunts & uncles on his Dad's side

April with baby Chaz--he was tuckered out!

Most of TJ's cousins on his Dad's side

My Outlaws and Me ;)

Me, TJ, and his sister Mandy

Me, TJ, Candy, Chad, Brandon, & April

Chad & Candy with their little baby Chaz...this kid doesn't have a chance!!

These next pictures are just because I thought they were funny. My mom got Lilly this little bear with a
Santa sack on him, and she filled up the Santa sack with rawhide
sticks that Lilly likes. Well, I stuck it under the tree once we got back home, and just look
what happened...

"I gets em all out till I find one I like!!"

"It wasn't me Mommy! I has no idea who did this! Tis the Season!"

Let's see...what else. Oh, I know. My washing-machine has bit the dust, for the time being at least. The parts are on order...will hopefully be here later this week. It isn't like I love doing laundry or something, but it is really bugging me that I CAN'T use it. Grr, grr, grr! I think part of my aggravation can be attributed to my blah feelings...these past few days I've just been kinda feeling the post-holiday-blues or something. I'm not really sad (kinda?)...but have like zero motivation and just feel kinda crappy. Don't mean to be a big Debbie Downer, but you know...hopefully it'll subside in a few days.

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009: NYE photos

Two posts in two days? it must be a record, people! :)

I just thought I'd share some photos from our NYE (actually I have very few). It was a good, low-key evening shared with our friends Steve & Alicia. Steve & the TeeJ became friends, compliments of the United States Navy, but in mid-2005 Steve got sent in a different direction from us. The USN brought him back this way recently, so we're pretty happy. Plus I love Alicia--I've known her for a short time but it doesn't feel that way at all. Anyway.

For NYE we went to their new townhouse, which I must say, inspires jealousy in me because of the ample cabinet and closet space. They made delicious salmon, and I tried couscous--the food so nice they named it twice!--for the first time ever, and I liked it! Hope to make the salmon myself one day soon! I'll quit rambling--here are the pics!

TJ & I just before the ball dropped...

Alicia & Steve before countin' em down and toasting to 2009!

Having a late breakfast with Alicia tomorrow! yum! That's all I've got for now...hope 2009 has started out great for everyone!

ps--I'll post some pictures soon from our "Christmas in Kentucky" trip. ya know, spice it up, keep things interesting...:)