Friday, May 22, 2009

Fashion Friday: 6th Edition

Hello hello! I bet you thought I was going to let you down A-GAIN with Fashion Friday, didn't you? I'm sorry I have to prove you wrong...even though it is 10:00 on Friday morning, but I have the day off and I was in NYC all day yesterday, so I seized the opportunity to sleep in. But now I'm upstairs trying to be super quiet because my husband is doing a phone interview so I thought I'd do my duties and deliver you a new episode of Fashion Friday!

Here is our first item up for bid...(said in my best Price is Right voice)

Our first item up for bid, ladies, is this lovely brown and turquoise (I first typed teal but I just can't bring myself to use that word) dress from Banana Republic. It would be perfect for a hot dinner out with your hubby or special someone, nice to wear to a cocktail party on a boat (cause ya know, I go to those ALL THE TIME [sarcasm drips like molasses]), or just...anyplace you need to look hot. Because I'm convinced it will make all of us look hot!

Teal Dress_BR

If that dress isn't really your style, maybe go a little more casual with this cute multi-colored halter from Delia's. Now I have to admit, I haven't shopped from Delia's in a really, really long time, but who cares. The dress is cute! I think it would be adorable for a backyard bbq (which down in KY we call "grillin' out"), or just any other time you know you'll be dripping with sweat and would prefer not to have your shorts or pants stuck to you like glue! (This happened to me in NYC yesterday, by the way. I'm sure you wanted to know that.)

Delia's Maya Halter Dress

Moving along from the dresses, let's check out some cute blouses. Another one from Banana in a similar color pallette as the dress I shared, this lovely blouse doesn't have quite the peacock look going on! I just have to say that I love these colors, singuarly and together. I would probably wear this top to work. The one thing I don't necessarily like about it is the loose, blousy loook it probably has, because I'd be willing to bet they have material gathered in the back with a big binder clip holding it all together (at least on the model photo--I'm so cynical). I feel like those shirts always make people wonder if I'm hiding a baby...but I need not worry since online it only available in an XL (which I won't be ordering) and do not have a BR store in close distance!
Teal Blouse_BR
Banana Republic Georgette Blouse

And because this shirt (or this type of shirt) looks like you might need a cami to wear beneath, I thought I'd share my favorite cami. It is seamless and from The Limited (which closed near me, boohoo). Often they run a special on these, 2 for $30 or something like that. I love to take advantage of that because I hate spending $24.50 on something that could be considered underpants (to use the word of my little cousin Laurel).
Seamless Cami_Limited
The Limited Seamless Cami

The next item is a blouse I purchased recently, but haven't yet worn. I got it in sweet lavender. I have an interview next week and am considering wearing it under my suit jacket, but am afraid the neckline isn't conservative enough. It isn't low-cut but is it too "over the top"?? Your opinions helpful! :)
Lavender Corsage Cami_JC

J. Crew Corsage Camisole

And moving right along, we will finish with a cute pair of ballet flats. I would probably never pay this price for a pair of ballet flats, but maybe you would, or can find a comparable substitute. I've been looking for cute flats recently and the best pair I've found were at Payless. Unfortunately I can't find a photo on their website. But anyway--I really like these and wish I could find a less expensive version (or that they'd put these like 65% off).
Ballet Flat_JCrew
J. Crew Ballet Flats

Anyway, my lovelies! Hopefully you enjoyed this installment of Fashion Friday! I'm sorry I've been leaving you hanging! Now I have to rush off and get beauti-fied, because my family is waiting to be entertained. I've got a playground entertaining them at the moment but I think we are going to go to the beach this afternoon! I love the beach! :)

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! Be safe! I'll get back on the Shred-wagon and update you ASAP :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Shred, or, How to Die a Slow & Painful Death at the Hand of Jillian Michaels

The 30 Day Shred. You've heard about it, I'm sure. Big Mama has been blogging about it; she calls it The 30 Day Dead. Her assessment is not far from the truth.

Now listen, I knew I was out of shape. I'm entirely aware. I didn't need Jillian Michaels to kick my ass and then throw it in my face. But apparently I thought it was a good idea or something?

The DVD arrived last week. Yesterday was my first day. I was embarrassed by how quickly I started sweating, how quickly my calves started burning, how quickly I wanted to QUIT. She taunts you with crap like "Sic it down! Way down!" followed by "There is no mod for a jumping jack! I've got 400-lb people who can do jumpin' jacks and so can you!" But I was determined--it is only 20 minutes, after all, and I convinced myself to tough it out.

Afterward, I may or may not have sent my friend a text message in which I called Jillian Michaels a b-i-t-c-h. I'm sure cut-up-n-shredded-JM is a fine person and all, and I have no idea whether or not she is that "word" I called her, but what can I say? I express my feelings and I am brutally honest.

I honestly didn't think I was going to make it out of bed this morning. But in the words of the cut-up-n-shredded-JM, I "pushed through." I was fine until I tried to make it down the stairs to leave for work. Then I had to put on heels and walk around in them! Geez! I tried not to think about it all day (when my legs weren't killing me); about how, in order for it to truly be a 30 Day Shred, I'd have to do the workout again today.

But then I got home. And THEN my husband had the cajones to ask me if I wanted to...ya know. "Not now," I replied. I'd just gotten home after all! Now look bloggies, I know I'm venturing into unchartered territory here, but just stick with me. Then...then, my husband says, "I'll do your workout with you!" Hahahaha! "You're on buddy."

Please press fast-forward.

My husband was slightly behind/to the side of me during the workout and I could see him out of the corner of my eye. As I was doing every single push-up demanded by the cut-up-n-shredded-JM, I noticed he was NOT doing every single push-up demanded! During the static squat with punching/boxing moves (I dunno what the "title" is)...he was doing what ol JM would call "phoning it in!" I tried to help him with his form a few times and he said "OKAYYYY Jillian." I told him to "box it out," but he is an engineer, so I guess I should have said form 90 degree angles instead of "box it out." Live and learn.

My husband's participation in The 30 Day Shred wasn't QUITE as funny as the time My Husband Did Pilates with me.

Okay. Jokes aside, I'm trying to get Shredded. Tomorrow is/will be/should be Day 3. If I can get out of bed. I am going to try. Try hard. Hopefully my legs will allow it...because right now they are hurting pretty freakin' bad!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I cannot believe it is May 14th

Basically the title says it all! Today I received an email to schedule a meeting for June 3rd, and I honestly had to do a double-take. We're nearly half-way through the year! I really thought these last few months would draggggg on, but they've gone by much quicker than I anticipated.

I've been quite the crappy blogger lately, eh? I have no excuse, since my semester ended. I'm happy to report that I earned A's in both my classes. I apologize for tooting my own horn, but I'm quite proud, especially of the A in Economics.


So a few posts ago I listed some things I was going to do. I am sorry to share that I have yet to get a pedicure, have made only 2 listings on freecycle and on craigslist, have yet to visit the consignment shop, and have gone tanning once. That is what you call gettin' it done--NOT! I am working on it...that's all I can say. I have a stack going for the consignment shop, went tanning tonight, etc etc etc.


NYC Remember in this post I mentioned my husband was in NYC taking a super long (6 hours), super expensive (to the tune of $550), super importante certification exam? We found out last week--HE PASSED! HOORAY! Definitely exciting to add to his resume, as it will hopefully help him land a great job.

On another note, in that same post I mentioned my friend Lauren and her bf Tim, because Tim had a race that night. Well, peeps, Tim drove the #47 to victory lane! :) I was wrong in that it wasn't his first race of the season, but still, it was an important day for them and I was glad to hear he won!


In other exciting news, we have orders in hand!!! WOOHOO!! This is pretty exciting because well, the ol' Navy had been a little short on cash and had told peeps they wouldn't be cutting orders until after October 1. Which would have presented a small (but rather large) problem for us. But Uncle Sam must have gotten a bail out because now we've got them! Of course, this is the government we're talking about, and they are subject to change their mind just like a hormonal PMS-y female. Which I naturally have no experience with, but have heard it is pretty awful.

Midol If you are not affiliated with the military in some way, this paragraph probably makes no sense to you. To give you the condensed version, "orders" are basically your next assignment, and apparently you need an assignment that officially states "We have accepted your resignation."


Ok, I realize this post was ALL over the place. I apologize. I will probably not have a Fashion Friday post for you tomorrow. Maybe it will be a "Fashion weekend" instead :) I'm off to work on / add items to my to-do list that needs completing between now and June 1st. Lofty goals I tell ya.

If you're reading, leave me a comment! I love knowing who is out there (anyone? Bueller?) so I can hop to your blog! :)

(photos courtesy of google images)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

musing for monday: feeding the "hungry"

This past Saturday was the National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive, which occurs annually on the Saturday before Mother's Day. This drive is made possible through partnerships with America's Second Harvest, United Way, and the AFL-CIO. Due to the nature of my job, this will be my 3rd year participating in some capacity with this drive (and no, I do not carry your mail).

Friday evening, I posted a reminder of the drive via my Facebook status. Two people said thanks for the reminder, but another left a comment that I've unfortunately thought about all weekend: "Hunger is a good thing. It encourages people to get off their lazy butt
and get a job instead of down to the local shelter for a free meal."

I suppose I've thought about it so much because I feel so torn. On the one hand, I do not feel we should feed people who are just looking for a hand-out...those who have the capacity to obtain a job, are able-bodied, lazy, etc. On the other hand, not everyone who needs a free meal is looking for a hand out, is lazy, or is responsible for their situation. When I refer to the responsibility, I mean children. There are many children out there who might go hungry because of the poor decisions of their parents. Schools, childcare centers, and other social service organizations that benefit children may very well benefit from this food drive because they obtain food from local pantries or food banks.

In another case...perhaps someone has a job, is working and trying to make a better life for themselves. Say something comes up, like the car breaks down, and it is either pay to repair the car or buy food. They may choose to repair the car in order to have transportation to keep their job, and try to figure out the food situation later. Other individuals who truly need a free meal may be mentally ill, homeless, recently unemployed, and/or have no family supports nearby.

Did you know that approximately 71% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck? Interpreted differently, one could argue that those same people are just one paycheck away from being homeless. Obviously, everyone has different reasons for living paycheck to paycheck. Perhaps they are college students, or seniors living on a fixed income. Others may be low-to-low-middle class families struggling to maintain underpaying jobs, pay bills, manage debt, fight the worsening economy, and more.

I used to be a very cynical person, and to a degree I would say I still am. Five years ago, I would say my opinion on this subject would have been very different. I put myself through undergrad with little to no financial support from my parents--I had grants, loans, and I worked, juggling several jobs at any given time. This contributed to my attitude of "I did it; other people have the same opportunities so there is no excuse." I believed homeless or impoverished people just needed to get off the drugs, get off the booze, get off the welfare and get a job.

Now? My attitude is a little different. I suppose I have my job to thank for opening my eyes a little. There are certain situations where I still hold those old beliefs. But, I now understand that some people may not have had anyone encouraging them to get a college education. I understand that not all homeless people are alcoholics or druggies.

Of course, the guy smoking his Marlboro Lights at the end of 184, holding his "homeless & hungry" sign?

He challenges my beliefs.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wayyy back wednesday: vol. 5

better late than never...right?

jill @ joe's crab shack : september 2000

let's see...what interesting story do I have to go with this photo? Oh...right. I don't! Obviously, the reason I took this photo in front of the bathroom door is because the bathroom door has my name on it!

This was taken my senior year in high school. Such a young pup! I went to Joe's Crab Shack {and bear in mind, I don't even care for seafood} with a group of gal pals, in preparation and getting geared up for our Junior Miss pageant/program. I know this was on a Friday night, and for whatever reason I didn't have a game, so we went out and had some fun! Anyway, no interesting story, but it was a fun night with some friends and that makes the photo memorable enough for me! :)

As of this morning...I am finished with my Economics class! Yippeee!! I'm still lacking a grade for a paper, and a grade for the written portion of my final. I'm HOPING to have an A!! My marketing class...due to circumstances beyond my control, the class is still "hanging-in-the-balance." There were a couple of unfinished things due this week, but my prof. is MIA so we aren't sure what's up! Kinda unsettling.

So, I have some freedom for the next couple of weeks! Things to do...

  1. get a pedicure

  2. take clothes to the consignment shop

  3. freecycle and/or craigslist

  4. do some tanning (I know, I know, I know...)

  5. boston & nyc w/my family visitors

  6. kentucky for a wedding! eee!

alright peeps, I'm out, and back to catching up on my episodes of gossip girl! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Fashion Friday: 5th Edition

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. Mine has been decent, aside from the fact that I have procrastinated (and continue to do so, in writing this) writing an Economics paper. It is due tomorrow at 11:59 pm. I have plans tomorrow evening. I better get with the program...but not before I bring you a 5th round of Fashion Friday (I seriously just typed Fashin).

Every woman needs a Little Black Dress. I, however, do not have one. I used to own one but then it became to small for me. This, I'm sure, has little to do with the fact that it was purchased before I was 20 years old and weighed about 110 lbs soaking wet. But I digress. In the search for a nice LBD, I found this one. Classy, sassy, and apparently, "seen on NBC's Today Show!"

While we're looking at dresses, how about something a little more colorful and a little more casual? I saw this in the store last weekend, where I popped in only to return something but left with three new shirts (all bought on sale!). The dress was a no go because they did not have my size.

And while you're shopping at NY and Company, how about this little sump'n'sump'n to throw in your shopping bag? I think it is pretty darn cute and could be dressed up or down. It is not one of the items I bought last weekend.

A post would not be complete without a mention of my precious Target. I went there last Saturday for less than a half hour. Walked out, $67 later, with 2 little bags and some laundry detergent. Granted, half that was spent in replacement heads for my Sonicare toothbrushes, but whatever, I gotta show my Target some love. Case in point: this nice ruffle-y cami/tank. At $21 it is a little steep for Target, but when I figure J. Crew would try to charge $88 for the same thing, I think it is a good bargain.

Target Ruffle Tank
Target: Ruffle Tank

Speaking of J.Crew, I don't mean to hate or discriminate. In fact, I've got my eye on this tee. The flowers add a little something extra, don't ya think? (+5 if you can quote that movie)

Jcrew Corsage Tee
J. Crew

This last item comes from American Eagle, a store from which I purchase very little these days. I have kind of deemed myself "too old" to be shopping there, which isn't the case because I know plenty of people still in their undergrad at my age who probably shop there, or work there, or both. And I'm kind of lying because I don't know anyone my age who is still in their undergrad, shopping at American Eagle. But whatever. I don't lie about the things that matter!

AE Floral Tank
American Eagle

Now, my dear Fashion Friday friends, this next item serves a very important purpose. I was a loss for words when I saw these babies online...that I just had to share them with you. I simply could not resist the temptation! I knew you would love them! Please, let these crop pants be a lesson to you...WHAT NOT TO WEAR!

They're like pants your grandmother would wear, on a day when you'd be
embarassed to be seen with her. And I just can't bring myself to link
them. I'm sure you clever kids can figure it out! :)

With that, my friends, I'm out!

What about you? What hot items have caught your eye lately?
(I promise I will one day soon explain "hot items" to you)