Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 for 2 on Level 2

I did it again. I was embarrassed by how much I was panting/sweating/guzzling water at the end! Only cause my husband was in the room...

All those moves in plank position are tough. The military press with leg kick?


The squat with the "V arm movement" (of course that is the official name!)?


I feel like this level 2 bidness is significantly harder than Level 1, because like Jenna said on her blog, you're targeting some different muscles.

I've definitely not lost any weight on the scale, but my arms are looking better and I think I'm noticing some definition in my abs. Or it could just be the angle and lighting, haha.

The challenge is going to be keeping this up next week. I'll tell you more about that later.

Only 2 more days of summer semester left! Two papers still left to finish! $%#@! I'm going to try to finish one of them tonight. In an effort to save face, I'm not going to tell you how much of it I've completed...but here's a hint: *not much*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shred Level 2

Level 2? It's a killer! After about oh...8 minutes...sweat was pouring off me.

There are a lot more...I dunno what to call them? Dynamic and aerobic moves? I am sure I didn't do my best at this, because there were a lot of times where I found myself looking up from the floor to see exactly what I was doing. It was tough.

I didn't go for a walk today, considering it was raining buckets. Oh well. I got highlights and an eyebrow wax instead.

Back to the paper I'm writing (ahem, yet to write) about the "Fat Tax"....

Monday, July 20, 2009

I have to say, I am surprised...

...with myself, that is. I'm still keeping at it! I just got back in from another 1.7 mile walk with my dogs. Let me just tell you...I think they hate it more than I do! It is really hot out, and they are both just panting like crazy by the time we are about 1/2 way thru! Immediately prior to the walk, I did the Shred.

I don't know if I mentioned this yesterday, but I turned the volume down pretty low on the Shred, and set my computer to a Pandora station (dance pop, I think). Seemed to help get thru it! Did that again this morning.

Ya know, I was thinking this morning..."This sucks, I'm not seeing any results"...but I had to remind myself, it hasn't been that long (tho it feels like forever)! I know I've just gotta stick with it! Help me out here people!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Accountability Post

Hi everyone! Just checking in to keep myself on track.

Did the Shred this morning, Level 1, followed by 1.7 mile walk (slightly different route today and I calculated it on google maps!) It was so hot out, I was drenched when I was finished.

Hopefully if I keep this up, I'll be looking "SHREDDED" pretty soon!

I also ordered another Jillian video: No More Trouble Zones, so we'll see...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday, July 18th...

Happy Saturday! I really cannot believe it is July 18th...I've only recently gotted used to writing '09' instead of '08' (when I list a date or something), and now the year is half over! Yikes!

Regarding my workout challenge, for yesterday and today...I'm disappointed in myself. I didn't fail completely, but I strayed, and my body felt it. Yesterday my husband came home for a minute at lunch, and said "I have a meeting at 1, but I'll be home around 2 or 2:30-ish and after that I'd like to go to Store XYZ." I figured, well, okay, I'll just work out when we get back (so as not to have to take a 2nd shower before we went to the store).

Well 2:30 came and went, no husband. He finally got home at 4:00! In the meantime, I didn't do the Shred, because I kept thinking I'd get the workout going and be pouring sweat, and he'd roll in ready to go! When he did get home, we pretty much left right away to go to Jos.A. Bank (apparently they're going out of business) and I also stopped by the Gap.

While we were out, he mentioned he'd brought his Olive Garden gift card and suggested we eat there. Never one to turn down some delicious OG salad, I agreed. This is probably where I should tell you that when my husband stopped by at lunch...he brought me Taco Bell. Eating out twice in one day made me feel like CRAP. In all honesty, the Olive Garden dinner made me feel worse than Taco Bell. UGHHHH. Needless to say we got home and I did NOT feel like Shredding. I am pretty sure I would have either a) thrown up, or b) shat myself. Fortunately neither of those things happened (Whew).

So while I did do *some* amount of exercise on Friday, it didn't really feel like much, so that's why I say I "strayed." Now it's Saturday, and not wanting to be a glutton or fatty, I decided to Shred as soon as I woke up! After the Shred, I put my dogs on their leashes and off we went for about 1.5 miles. I did a slightly different route today with more hills, so hopefully I worked some more muscles. I feel really good and invigorated, but also, accomplished--I'm glad it is out of the way for today!

I'm noticing that I definitely feel a lot better when I work out, but I'm sorta tired/bored of hearing Jillian say the same stupid crap every day. I'm not ready to move on because Level 1 is still a bit hard. The hardest parts for me are the side lunges with shoulder raise (harder on my arms than legs, and I'm using light weights!), and my calves also kill on the stupid jump rope/jumping jack combo. "That's just fear leaving the body!" Maybe I'll put on the iPod tomorrow while doing the Shred and mute the tv...

Peace out bloggies!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Checking in: Day Five

Hi guys! So my schedule was a little different today, by my own doing, because I had a lot of schoolwork I needed to get accomplished. I got up around 7:45, and started. I had to read 4 case studies, answer a bunch of questions, blah blah blah, and then put my whole team's assignment together (it was my turn). Then I had to get to the post office (I've been selling books on and go pick up a few necessities (contact solution, milk, printer paper--quite a mix eh?). Anyway--all this, plus other stuff like laundry, took me practically all day.

About an hour ago I MADE myself work out. I'll be honest--I realllly didn't want to. But, I put on The Shred, and got to it. Working out at night/later in the day is a lot harder for me than doing it earlier. I made it through the Shred, but I didn't go out for my walk. Hopefully I can make up for it tomorrow. At least I exercised and didn't break my routine!

WHEW! Knowing I'm supposed to check in here on the blog is keepin' me honest :-)

PS--Know how I mentioned going to the pool yesterday? TJ said to me last night, "got your thinking cap on?" I was like "wtf is he talking about?" He then said, "Yeah, your red thinking cap. Go look in the mirror." Yeahhh. Totally missed a big area of sunscreen across the top of my forehead/hairline. Before bed last night, smart-a** says, "Better take that headband off before you go to bed. Looks painful." PROOF: SUNSCREEN WORKS! USE IT!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm 4 for 4!

Good afternoon my bloggies! This here is just an accountability post, to let you know that I did what I said I would! I not only did the Shred today, but I went for another walk! AND I went to the pool, where I mostly just did some splashing around and such, but surely I burned some calories, right?!

In other news, I'm convinced my scale is a word I cannot type here, and that it is out to get me. I stepped on last night just before bed. The #$&!@*! thing said "132." WTF you a-hole POS scale!

Wanna know what my husband said?

"Maybe you just need to take a dump."

I can't make this stuff up people.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Challenge: so far, so good

I'm three days into my challenge and I'm 3 for 3! Hooray! I just finished a looong walk with my outta shape dogs (probably 1.5 miles, and they're both passed out on the floor now!). Immediately prior to the walk, I did the SHRED. Needless to say, I am happy with myself for exercising today! I have exercised four days in a row (sat/sun/mon/tues), which doesn't seem like something to be bragging about, but when your exercise habits have been a little...shall I say, scarce...I consider it an accomplishment! :)

So speaking of's a cute picture I took this morning of my dog Taffy. She likes to "shred" her toys and pull stuffing out of them. She did this while I was upstairs making the bed.

This makes me worry about taking her to my mom's house. Taffy has never been there before, and she kinda likes to chew things up. Mostly just toys, but occasionally flip flops and mouse pads. Well, my mom has Boyd's Bears everywhere. Taffy is going to think she has died and gone to doggie toy heaven! She especially likes to chew the feet and ears off animal toys. My mother has been warned.

Thanks for the encouragement on my workout challenge! Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow! :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Challenge to Myself

So as you know from the past two entries here, I've exercised the past two days by running/walking. My challenge to myself for the week is going to be to exercise every day, and then blog about it, even if it is just a tiny little paragraph.

This morning, my shins and ankles are feeling weak, likely due to the fact that I've been running/walking on blacktop. I decided that today I'd do something different--my 30 Day Shred video. I haven't done it in quite some time as you've probably gathered from my "Shred-Head" sidebar. I don't know why it is so hard for me to "stick with it," but I will say that I am very impatient.

When I exercise I want to see results. I am not a big person (sz 2/4/6-ish), but I weigh more than people think. This morning I weighed in at 129.6 lbs. I'm not buying into that whole "muscle weighs more than fat" crap, because I've got a lot more fat than I used to (!) and I always used to hover around 116-120 lbs. I would like those numbers again, or at the very least, tone up some of what I consider my problem areas. And I'm not complaining or seeking out reassurance, because I know that no matter what our size, we all have areas of ourselves we would like to improve. So that is what I'm trying to do--improve, both my appearance and my health.

So I've exercised both days this week and hopefully will keep it up! I think I can do it! Hopefully I'll be back to tell you alllll about it ;)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is why I should be able to run!

I've stayed pretty up to date on "hometown" news since moving away 4+ years ago by reading the newspaper online. Just this morning I read an article that featured a project one of our friends is working on, and talked about years ago, so that of course made me smile! But I also read this article, about a 60-year-old woman who runs all the local road races and recently completed a 5K in 27 minutes.



I'm just gonna be honest here. I don't know that I could run two miles in 27 minutes. I am 26 years old. Yes, I am ashamed.

But on a brighter note, I did get out of bed this morning and go for another run walk. YAY MEEEE!! Gotta start somewhere.

(anybody know how to get rid of shin splints?)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

July 11th--I can't think of a witty title...

Good morning! I'm feeling good right now! I am proud of myself because 1, I woke up before 9 am on a Saturday; 2, I folded a load of laundry right away; and 3, I went for a short run/walk (which nearly killed me) and then got my dogs and walked them!

Here it is, only 10:00 and I feel like I've accomplished a lot! I know I shouldn't be so "proud" for doing a short run/walk, but I am not a runner. I wish I were. I've noticed people who lose a ton of weight and/or look slim and slender either have ridiculously high metabolism or cholesterol (as is the case of my 5'9 115 lb friend on Lipitor), OR are runners. I do not want to lose a ton of weight. However, earlier in the week I went out looking for some new jeans and became incredibly frustrated. Yesterday, I tried on a bathing suit (that I bought 2 years ago--it fit fine back then) and felt like I needed a "wide load" sign across my behind. More of my a$$ was out of the suit than was in. While this might be a good look for the Victoria's Secret model in the catalog, who convinced me I need the is not a good look for me at this point in time. Also? I just figure I needed to do some exercise. If I run again tomorrow I will consider it an astronomical accomplishment.

Onto something might be wondering what happened to Fashion Friday these past 2 weeks. While Fashion Friday is not gone completely, it is taking a short hiatus. As you'll infer above--where I reference the bathing suit that now looks like a piece of fabric over my behind whereas it once looked like a bikini bottom--I apparently don't have a ton of self control. This ties into Fashion Friday because...I've shopped wayyyy too much lately. I find cute items online for FF, then somehow they make it into my online shopping cart and before you know it, I've got an email in my inbox thanking me for my order!

I decided I'd put myself on a shopping ban. Well, it has not worked so well. For one, I've found a way around it by using gift cards that I received as, well, gifts. So see, it wasn't like cash money I could use to pay a bill. Two, I have not used gift cards. I've just gone against myself. NOT GOOD PEOPLE--not good at all.

Oh self-control, where art thou?!

However I am selling some stuff. Here's why--the jacket is too big. Only worn twice, no stains, nothing. Excellent Used Condition. Skirt--in the closet for 3 months, haven't worn it. Blouse--also too big, purchased on Final Sale and cannot return it. More details below.

For Sale: J. Crew
For Sale: J. Crew by jill.barnett featuring J Crew

All J. Crew Items:
-EUC, Crocodile Cocktail Jacket Sz 4, only worn twice--$75 inc. shipping
-NWT, Stretch Sateen Pencil Skirt, Sz 6--$40 inc. shipping
-NWT, Ivory Silk Meringue-Sleeve Blouse, Sz 4--$20 inc. shipping
Interested? Email me or leave me a comment here! We'll do the transactions via Paypal for security purposes.

For now friends, I gotta run. Gotta shower and all that jazz. I'm meeting my friend Lauren for lunch and I don't want to smell as though I just went on a run/walk. I doubt she'd appreciate that. Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

welcome to July

Can you believe that the year is half over?! Obviously, I cannot! Because life has been relatively uneventful lately, I'll just make a list of some things...all completely random, of course!

1.    I am now unemployed. Yes, you read that correctly. My last day at work was this past Thursday. While it is true I could have stayed around a little longer, my leaving was inevitable. With hubby's upcoming separation from the military, and starting a new job, and our was gonna happen. The timing worked out perfectly. I wanted to leave before I got knee-deep in campaigns, and also leave at a time where they wouldn't be "high & dry" and would be able to fill my position. It is a weird feeling, this unemployment thing. I keep having the feeling that I am supposed to be somewhere.

2.    My hubby is at an interview right now! Fingers crossed for him that it goes well. About a month ago, we went to buy him a new suit for interviews and such. We wavered between two jacket sizes. The larger one seemed a little big in the shoulders; the smaller one needed a sleeve let out just slightly. Anyway--I tell you this because I have a funny story. Last week, we took his jacket to a tailor recommended by my friend. The tailor was this little old Asian lady. He put his shirt and jacket on for her and when he came out, she says "OH MY! Why is you jacket so smalll? You look-a like you wearing your high school graduation suit! You look-a like you poor, like-a you cannot afford new clothes for interview! Jacket TOO small!" Obviously, this was much funnier in person. She kept going on and on, about how men want to look "big, powerful, wide--not skinny like woman!" Ultimately, my husband went back and got the larger jacket. Lesson learned. When I went back and told my friend, she laughed and said she was sorry that happened to my husband, but that she was glad I went there so I had such a funny story to tell her! ha!

3.    I'm really "over" all the hoopla surrounding Michael Jackson. Every news channel seems to be carrying coverage of his funeral, crowds surrounding his estate, controversies, etc. He's on the cover of every magazine. I understand he was a popular figure, but this is a little over the top! I feel slightly sorry for Farrah Fawcett's family, but not that much because they are likely thankful for the chance to mourn in private. One funny thing about MJ? Over the weekend, I saw an elderly woman buy an US Weekly magazine that was all about MJ. I laughed hehe :)

4.    Something else I'm over? ALL THE RAIN! Heavens to Betsy! It feels like it has rained for the last month. The past few days were beautiful, warm, sunny...but today, the rain is back in full force. I haven't been swimming at all this year--not that I'm entirely anxious to put on a bathing suit anyway, but that is another story...

5.    Really missing all our family lately. Hopefully I'll see them soon...