Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I cannot get it together

I have been on the verge of losing it at work this week. Seriously. I'm ready for the week to end, let's just say that much.

My mom is coming to my house tomorrow. Some repairs are being done while I'm at work so she's going to be here. My house is a DISASTER. A wreck, both messy and dirty. I am embarrassed because it will look like this when she is here and when the repair people are here. It makes me feel like I have failed.
(and on that note, can any of you Lexington gals recommend a cleaning service? seriously)

I had an assignment due Monday at 11:59 pm. I am still not finished. Oops.

My foot still feels slightly broken. My feet are ugly and need a pedicure (like WHOA). However, I do not want to let the Asian ladies beat on my slightly-potentially-half-broke foot.

I have not said "like WHOA" in forever. My friend Rachel used to say that...I've not seen her in forever either.

Because I haven't posted a pic in's one from two weekends ago. This is Candy. We are one another's "husband's cousin's wife," but it is easier to just say "best friend!" haha :) Love her, because we laugh about everything!!


That's all for now peeps. I have to get in bed. I have had a difficult time waking up the past few days...and tomorrow I have to wash my hair. That production takes awhile!


  1. In the whole realm/scheme of things, I stink as a blogger reader friend thing. Sorry.... been distracted lately.

    BUT, I hope your foot is ok and that all works out with your mom and your house repairs and school and the Teej's car shopping and the dogs and their panty/sock fetish and work and the Ped Egg and the soap you should be putting in your mouth to detract from Fbomb dropping and your exfoliated spray tanned legs and........ did I get caught up or was there something else I missed in reading? LOL Love ya! Peace out and all that.

  2. I just found your blog and I'm always so excited to find another Kentuckian, especially a Lexingtonian. Are you from here originially? I look forward to keeping up with you.

    Good luck getting everything done in time for your mom's arrival. If not, she'll understand.

  3. lady, your blog does not update in my to that. no worries about a messy house. people are not going to remember you for the cleanliness level of your house, they'll remember all of the wonderful things you did!!! just like i have many wonderful memories of us!! :)

  4. I wish i knew a cleaning service locally too! Trust me though, I'm sure your mom understands, esp since it's repairs and not just sloppy.

    Good luck with work-I hate those weeks!

  5. What a cute picture! Love the new look/new blog!

  6. Hey Jill, thanks for stopping by my blog! We should chat soon! I would love to hear how things are going for you!


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