Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anxiously Awaiting the UPS Man...

I'm currently stalking anxiously awaiting the UPS guy!
Which, btw, those of you that follow me on Twitter...know that the UPS guy did in fact visit last week. I didn't hear his truck pull up and thought someone was trying to get me!
I'm currently stalking the UPS guy, though, because (as per usual) I've been doing a little online shopping! Here's what I'm waiting for...

My first Lilly Pulitzer dress!
(I iz gonna need tanz before I wear this in public)

Pretty spring wreath for my door...better late than never, right?

3' Pottery Barn Crown Moulding Ledges...three of these for my next wall decor project a la Kristen and Dusty! I'm sure these will be an absolute joy to hang! (har, har, har) The next task will be filling them up with goodies! :)

Do I have an online shopping problem? Of course not! Okay. Maybe. But what can I say? My husband has been out of town...


  1. Hooray!! I love a visit from the UPS after I have been shopping. That dress is gorgeous!

  2. OOOOOOH la la!! I looove that dress! There is nothing like a Lilly Jilly and you will only want MORE :)

  3. I love that dress! Very, very pretty! - Great for the Springtime. :)

  4. Love that dress! I purchased a Lilly last week for a few spring events, including Easter. Yeah, I really need to work on the tan, too. Too funny about the UPS man - I'm with ya, there. BTW, I really like the tray you featured in your last post. I went to UK and lived in Lexington for a while, so would love something like that. If you happen to know where I could get one, would you mind sharing? Thanks!

  5. Super cute dress! I need to start shopping at overstock, I always forget about that site. My yellow wreath agains a yellow house is...yellow and blah. I need a good pop color on my door!


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