Friday, July 29, 2011

5 Things on a Friday (LfT edition)

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  1. Today (er, yesterday, as I'm writing this on Thursday night) I lost my shoe while crossing the street. No lie. In typical fashion, I was crossing against the signal and wouldn't it figure, got my heel stuck in a crack in the pavement. Cars are coming. Grasping my shoe between my toes, I hobble across the street. I WISH I could have witnessed this happening, because I'm sure it was hilarious. I relayed this hilarity via Twitter, and Steph tagged me a #hotmess. Can't argue.

  2. I have eaten like total crap this week. My husband has been out of town (3rd week in a row, booooo) so I have eaten bowls of cereal for dinner, peanut butter sandwiches for dinner, chick-fil-a breakfasts (ahem*2days), etc. If I didn't eat such crap, I wouldn't need to work out nearly as much! Actually I probably would...

  3. My right eye has been killing me this week. I've worn my glasses several days. I think I just need new contacts. So today, I FINALLY called to order some. Lady says my prescription isn't in my chart. "The doctor will call you next week," she says. WHAT?! Oh he's on vacation. How do you give someone an eye exam and not write the prescription in their chart? I mean yes, it MIGHT be my fault that he gave me two pair of contacts to try out and I probably never told him which I liked best....why didn't he write THAT down? Now he just has to take my word for it....

  4. I ended up wearing the black and white dress to my class reunion. My husband said I should save the yellow dress for Keeneland. "Except we haven't been to Keeneland at all the past two years," I reply. "Okay, we'll go this fall and yell at the horses," he says. I guess that works for me if a pretty dress is involved.

  5. Here are some pretty pictures from said reunion. Regret my hairdo...
Friends {Bridget, me, Ashley, Tiffany, and Kallen}

With the hubby...who was of course THRILLED to be there

With my cousin Stephanie

That's all peeps. Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I love Chic fil a breakfast. I've probably eaten it twice this week too, and I plan on going back today and tomorrow....

  2. What? Regret your hair do? I think it's cute?

    So glad you went for that dress. It looks amazing on you!

  3. All caught up on your blog--looks like a fun summer. So jealous of Coach Cal meeting! Your hair looked wonderful--I think you're crazy lady :)

  4. I worked out a lot this week but I also ate crap! I might be skinny if I could lay off the chickfila!

  5. After my scooter incident this week, I can understand your embarrassment at being stuck in the street!

    I'm also feeling you on the eating bad. I'm driving back to KY tonight, that means terrible fast food! Ugh!

  6. I like the dress you chose to wear. Those were great pictures!

  7. The dress looks lovely and good deal that you got hubby to promise a day at Keeneland in the gold dress! I'm with your on the food think - when Hubby and the kids were gone last week, I ate nothing but cheese and wine. ;)


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