Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Musings

Just a quick list after the weekend/start of the week...

1. I received the dresses from Nordstrom and had a virtual/closet fashion show via text message with Jess. The yellow dress was the clear winner from those...because the others were too big! But, I couldn't put another dress out of my mind (one already in my closet). Here were the two frontrunners...

If we are facebook friends, you know which dress I chose. But I'll show you some pictures later this week ;) (gotta save some good blog fodder, right?)

2. My running goal for the month of July was 40 miles. I had two periods of laziness...and I ain't doin' too hot, ladies. I'm currently at 25.62 miles. We'll see if I get there.

3. On the running/exercise front...have you guys tried this?
Claims to have NO CALORIES. Holla! Sometimes after a workout you want something more than water and this claims to help replenish electrolytes and such. Who knows, but I'm certainly more apt to reach for this than regular Gatorade or Powerade when I want something with a little flava.

4. First it was Google + earlier in the month. Now, I'm hearing all about something called Spotify. These things sound slightly like Facebook and Pandora copy-cats. I could be wrong, but I've yet to sign up for either. I can't always keep up with what I already have!

5. I'm thinking about doing a bloggy giveaway. Perhaps something from one of the best stores ever...

Tell me something good, ladies!


  1. I signed up for Google + but have no idea what to do with it. It's cool and I like the idea of circles but I really don't use it. Facebook already does the job! And I signed up for Spotify too. It's not really like facebook, it's a music thing. I'd describe it to you but I honestly don't know how, lol!

  2. Good choice on the dresses! Not a fan of Powerade Zero, I do not like the way it taste and I would rather drink a regular Gatorade after my workout! If I don't workout longer than 30 minutes and do a strenuous workout, I usually just drink water.

    P.S - LOVE the Sephora giveaway idea :)

  3. I signed up for google+ and I am underwhelmed to say the least. BUT Spotify is AWESOME!!

  4. Love both of those dresses! You are inspiring me with your running goal for July!! I may have to post my runs on my blog to keep me motivated! I use runkeeper to keep track of all them, too! I haven't heard of Spotify, but may need to research it now! LOVE the idea of a Sephora giveway!!!

  5. i am boycotting google+ until someone can prove to me that it does something magical!! lol. i have enough to keep up with at this point!!
    something good: i am going to photograph a friend's 2 week old baby at the 'sunflowers for wishes' event at buttonwoods tomorrow night!! so excited!! :) *

  6. I love the yellow dress on you. Spotify? I haven't heard of it and shudder to think of something else to keep up with. I finally gave into Pinterest recently.

  7. Cute, cute dresses!

    Every time I log into G+, I think "this would have been fun two years ago...", and I am not a fan of Spotify. *Sigh* I was hoping they'd both be fun/interesting.


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