Saturday, August 27, 2011

Observations from 30,000 feet

Okay, as you know, I recently took part in some air travel when visiting my friend Priya! On Tuesday, my flight home was a comedy of errors and I didn't think I was ever going to make it! Here's why...

Five minutes after I'm on the plane in Providence:
"This is your captain speaking. We're going to be delayed by about 30 minutes....our aft lavatory is leaking into the cargo area."

Another 25 minutes later:
"The mechanic has identified the source of the leak and is currently repairing it. We should be ready in about 45 minutes."

35 minutes later:
"We will be ready to push back from the gate in about 10 minutes."

5 minutes later:
"Uh ladies and gentlemen, apparently there has been an earthquake in Washington D.C. All airspace is currently shut down as air traffic control systems are offline. We'll keep you updated."

Geez! I finally made it to Atlanta and home to Lexington, 3 hours later than expected. Anyway though, I have some observations from air travel that I wanted to share with you. It'd been awhile since I'd flown so I guess I was disillusioned...
  1. Flying makes people forget all their manners and become downright RUDE. They might not load until "Zone 4" but you better believe they're going to stand right at the jetway door blocking the way for all the Diamond/Sapphire/Ruby/Platinum Medallion First-Class Flyers! Not to mention Zones 1, 2, and 3...

  2. I eat like an absolute hog when I fly. I always get the Biscoff cookies on the plane (I love them?!), a sprite, in the airport I had a slice of pizza, a chocolate chip cookie, etc. It's not like there are bananas, yogurt, almonds, etc...readily available. I guess that's why I should take that stuff myself. Oops.

  3. I am always underdressed. It never fails, I always see other women getting on/off the plane and I wish I'd dressed differently. In general, I have difficulty dressing for "middle ground"....meaning, an outfit that isn't for work but also something that isn't too casual. I need a personal stylist for those occasions! I most always feel underdressed so you'd think I'd learn...
    Next time...? :)

  4. Many people believe the entire plane needs to hear their entire phone conversation.

  5. Many people also believe the plane should wait for them to board while they finish their phone conversation. (Hello!! Have you heard of texting?!)
I don't know if I was just in a mood or what, but I felt so aggravated with people! I should have written things down because I know I saw/heard/noticed other things during my trip that I thought should make it into this post....but of course I've forgotten those things, ha :)

Do share...what other annoying observations have you made during air travel?


  1. First one that comes to mind is that Americans are so much more RUDE than people in other parts of the world. We are haughty and think the world revolves around us. Not true. We're not any more important than any other person on that plane or in that airport.

  2. OH and my other thought is no on the shoes. That's another observation I made. Why do women wear high heels for airline travel when one often has to walk a million miles down the concourse only to turn and walk a million more miles down the other until you get to your gate which is on the other side of Timbuktu? I don't get it.

  3. This is so funny! And basically my thoughts exactly. Last week we were coming back from KY and all of the bad weather in the Northeast affected the schedule everywhere. While we were sitting on delay in the Nashville airport, we realized that the time we had spent getting to the airport, waiting in the airport, and the flight itself was actually a couple hours longer than it would have taken to drive the trip. That's frustrating! :)

    But I know what you mean about people being rude in air travel. We feel the same way. Josh has done a heck of a lot of traveling back and forth this year to Seattle and he always has crazy annoying stories about people. Yes I admit, some of our annoyances have to do with screaming kids too. But usually it's their parents who are more frustrating because they do nothing about it. (can you tell I'm not a parent?!)

    Anyway, we feel your pain! Air travel is amazing and I'm thankful for it. Heck, due to Josh's job I'm really thankful for it because that's our financial well-being, however after last week I decided that if you can drive it in 8-10 hours I think I would rather do that than fly and deal with the uncertainties.

    Glad you are back safe from your trip!!! :)

  4. this is funny. i ALWAYS feel underdressed too. i try to wear flat sandals or comfy shoes when traveling now because if you have to change terminals, it does not feel good to trek through an airport in pretty, stylish heels... not to mention, if you're dragging along carry-ons as well. in a nutshell, flying sucks any way you cut it. flights are always delayed. i hate the strong coffee smell that lingers in the air of the plane. i hate how grimy i feel when i get off the flight. there's always something that's broken (seat recliner, air blower, television, whatever)... flying just sucks.

  5. I completely agree with everything! My biggest pet peeve is when people behind you on the plane feel the need to rush out in front of you when getting out of the airplane....I want to say, "UM, I have a connecting flight to catch too!".

    I get a little motion sickness and nervous when I fly and prefer not to talk to my neighbor until we're up in the air and everything is good, but I usually end up with one that likes to talk non-stop.

  6. I get so annoyed when people stand up as soon as the plane has landed? Um, hello - you're in the 30th row, you aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Calmmm down.

  7. Flying is so miserable these days, its always something!


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