Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Conversations with the husband...

I don't mean to steal from the good bloggie Lauren from Texas, but I had to copy her idea.

(This is my husband)
First day of vacation. Looking through the various little toiletry items on the counter.
Him: "Toothpaste...sewing kit...shoe shiner...vanity pack."
Me: "Vanity pack? What's in that?"
Opens little box, looks inside.
Him: "Oh. Looks like a tampon. That's what I figured."
Closes box, puts it back on counter.

Last day, preparing to leave hotel for airport.
Me: "Did you say there is a tampon in here?"
Him: "Yes. In the box that says vanity pack."
I open the box.

Me: "TJ! It's 3 cotton balls and a q-tip!!!!!"
Him: "Oh." (unphazed?!)

This is my hubby. God love him....he knows I do :)


  1. Oh Man - My fiances name is TJ --- and trust me, they have a LOT in common lol!!!!!

  2. Haha, that is hilarious! It's so funny how clueless guys are sometime!

  3. Too funny! That sounds like something my husband would do!

  4. Bahahaha...what a great post to start my morning with! I think men are just afraid of all things feminine and refuse to actually learn about them. My husband would do the exact same thing! Good thing we love them. :)


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