Tuesday, October 4, 2011

¡Viva la México! {more vacation pics}

We looooovved Mexico and our resort! Steph, who many of you might read, honeymooned at this same resort after she and her Mister tied the knot this past spring! She did a much better job of documenting their trip than I did, but next time I'll do better ;)

Room service breakfast every day--yum! I tried to get a picture, but not thinking...my camera fogged up as soon as I went outside. Oops.

They brought by some pineapple popsicles...yum!

Under our beach palapa, enjoying popsicles
(I kept saying popsicle like the old creepy man on Family Guy, ha)

Enjoying my popsicle and trying to get a little sun, without the burn!

There were lots of iguanas around the resort!

Pretty starfish in the ocean (and my shadow, ha)

Hubby and me

Another iguana chillin on a hot rock!

Dinner/dessert (not the best picture, but it will do)

That's all for now peeps! My goal is to post more than I did last month (just once, so already I'm doing better!)...and stop neglecting the ole blog and my bloggies. It's fall...football, Keeneland, Halloween, pumpkins, lots of good stuff coming up right?! Surely I can get my act together....maybe?


  1. Gah, you're really making me want a vacation! Please post Keeneland pictures, I need to live vicariously through you. October is my favorite month in Lexington!

  2. Hey Girly, you have a new blog!!! I remember your old one, (sorry if it's been a really long time) Glad to have found you.

    Your vacation looks amazing!!

  3. How fun !!! Hope it was all-inclusive. That's the best.


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