Friday, April 22, 2011

Make-you-smile Friday

It's another rainy, dreary day here...and I'm having trouble staying awake & getting motivated. Apparently, animals, cupcakes, and the little stylish Asian girl make me smile I thought I'd share with you. All found via Pinterest.

Laundry how-to...
Downward-facing doggie...
Frog dog for sure
A cake with M&M's and Kit-Kat? I'll try it...
This giraffe is just the cutest.
I would adopt this little girl in a heart beat, yep.
The caption on this one said sheep happens
How cool is this?
More cupcakes :)

Happy Friday and Happy Easter! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Anxiously Awaiting the UPS Man...

I'm currently stalking anxiously awaiting the UPS guy!
Which, btw, those of you that follow me on Twitter...know that the UPS guy did in fact visit last week. I didn't hear his truck pull up and thought someone was trying to get me!
I'm currently stalking the UPS guy, though, because (as per usual) I've been doing a little online shopping! Here's what I'm waiting for...

My first Lilly Pulitzer dress!
(I iz gonna need tanz before I wear this in public)

Pretty spring wreath for my door...better late than never, right?

3' Pottery Barn Crown Moulding Ledges...three of these for my next wall decor project a la Kristen and Dusty! I'm sure these will be an absolute joy to hang! (har, har, har) The next task will be filling them up with goodies! :)

Do I have an online shopping problem? Of course not! Okay. Maybe. But what can I say? My husband has been out of town...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wall of Mirrors

Hello bloggies! If there were an award for world's worst/laziest blogger...I'd probably have that sucker in my trophy case. Just sayin...

The hubby and I finally got the mighty wall of mirrors completed! Last post (and a couple of weeks ago) I mentioned that I'd ordered these mirrors from Ballard Designs. Unfortunately they sat in their boxes for over a week while I created a plan and also waited for proper hardware (wall hooks) to arrive. You can't just hang them on a diddly old nail...they're about 20 lbs each!

So I measured, drew...told my husband my plan...and we got to work, even though he questioned my process. My plan was to find the middle of the wall and work outwards. Turned out fine (thank you Lord), which is truly a miracle since the level fell off the wall halfway through....

Be advised, ladies--the laser level AND the drill? Christmas gifts for moi. I guess he got tired of patching nail holes...hee hee hee :)

I just want to defend myself and say I have bought my husband MANY nice watches. Watches are a subject of contention in our house because...this is the one he chooses to wear 90% of the time. What's next? Velcro shoes?

Two mirrors up, two to go!

Here is the finished product (picture taken at a slightly weird angle)...along with my notes about my next projects for this room. This is our eat-in kitchen and with the mirrors up, I now realize the table is really, really small....

In other kitchen/dining news, today I received this tray as a gift. I'm in love! I've placed it on an easel for display purposes. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Alright,'s almost midnight and I'm up wayyyy too late! I'll catch up with you soon! (Hopefully less than 2 weeks from now, but I'm no overachiever)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lazy dogs

I've been cleaning like a crazy person this morning, and apparently my dogs are living vicariously through me...lazy girls.