Monday, August 29, 2011

Fashion finds at The Limited

Everyone needs a little enabling now and then, right? Lucky for you, I'm here to do just that ;) The Limited seems to be having a sale nonstop lately with lots of cute things to ramp up your wardrobe. Granted, most of this is wear-to-work, but can also be adjusted for non-work events.

Does anyone else with a professional career feel egggg-stremely guilty when buying clothes that cannot be worn to work? No? Just me? Okay...

Here are a few little items that have made their way to my closet, or that I've got my eye on.

Oh! Before we get started, don't forget if you buy online, use eBates as your gateway to get there. You'll earn money for shopping. It's totally legit...I've gotten $$$ the past 3 quarters! :)
(If you go to Fayette Mall, get Mindy to help you--so so nice, sweet, and helpful!)

Okay, now onward and upward with the beauties...
Shirts & Tops for Women: Soft Belted Shirt: The Limited

Soft Belted Shirt (clipped to
Still undecided about this....I may or may not keep it. I would not wear this to work, but perhaps instead with some skinny jeans.

Shirts & Tops for Women: Ruffled Bib Blouse: The Limited

Ruffled Bib Blouse (clipped to

Shirts & Tops for Women: Smocked Hem Peasant Top: The Limited

Smocked Hem Peasant Top (clipped to
Again, probably not a work item...but I'd wear it on a date with my hubby :)

Ruffled Cardigan: The Limited

Ruffled Cardigan (clipped to
Perfect for football season! :)

Shirts & Tops for Women: Multi-textured Top: The Limited

Multi-textured Top (clipped to
Hello vacation top! :) Also available in Cobalt (aka: Kentucky!) Blue online, so I might get that too!

Sweaters for Women: Diamond Pattern Sweater Vest: The Limited

Diamond Pattern Sweater Vest (clipped to
This fits snug so I took a medium vs. my usual small

Sweaters for Women: Argyle Cardigan Sweater: The Limited

Argyle Cardigan Sweater (clipped to
Maybe I have a thing for argyle? :)

Sweaters for Women: Bateau-neck Dolman Sweater: The Limited

Bateau-neck Dolman Sweater (clipped to

Scarves for Women: Leopard Print Infinity Scarf: The Limited

Will be wearing this scarf with the black sweater, above!
Leopard Print Infinity Scarf (clipped to

Now, please go indulge yourself in some pretties for your fall wardrobe! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Observations from 30,000 feet

Okay, as you know, I recently took part in some air travel when visiting my friend Priya! On Tuesday, my flight home was a comedy of errors and I didn't think I was ever going to make it! Here's why...

Five minutes after I'm on the plane in Providence:
"This is your captain speaking. We're going to be delayed by about 30 minutes....our aft lavatory is leaking into the cargo area."

Another 25 minutes later:
"The mechanic has identified the source of the leak and is currently repairing it. We should be ready in about 45 minutes."

35 minutes later:
"We will be ready to push back from the gate in about 10 minutes."

5 minutes later:
"Uh ladies and gentlemen, apparently there has been an earthquake in Washington D.C. All airspace is currently shut down as air traffic control systems are offline. We'll keep you updated."

Geez! I finally made it to Atlanta and home to Lexington, 3 hours later than expected. Anyway though, I have some observations from air travel that I wanted to share with you. It'd been awhile since I'd flown so I guess I was disillusioned...
  1. Flying makes people forget all their manners and become downright RUDE. They might not load until "Zone 4" but you better believe they're going to stand right at the jetway door blocking the way for all the Diamond/Sapphire/Ruby/Platinum Medallion First-Class Flyers! Not to mention Zones 1, 2, and 3...

  2. I eat like an absolute hog when I fly. I always get the Biscoff cookies on the plane (I love them?!), a sprite, in the airport I had a slice of pizza, a chocolate chip cookie, etc. It's not like there are bananas, yogurt, almonds, etc...readily available. I guess that's why I should take that stuff myself. Oops.

  3. I am always underdressed. It never fails, I always see other women getting on/off the plane and I wish I'd dressed differently. In general, I have difficulty dressing for "middle ground"....meaning, an outfit that isn't for work but also something that isn't too casual. I need a personal stylist for those occasions! I most always feel underdressed so you'd think I'd learn...
    Next time...? :)

  4. Many people believe the entire plane needs to hear their entire phone conversation.

  5. Many people also believe the plane should wait for them to board while they finish their phone conversation. (Hello!! Have you heard of texting?!)
I don't know if I was just in a mood or what, but I felt so aggravated with people! I should have written things down because I know I saw/heard/noticed other things during my trip that I thought should make it into this post....but of course I've forgotten those things, ha :)

Do share...what other annoying observations have you made during air travel?

Monday, August 22, 2011 former home!

Hi girls! I'm just writing quickly to say hello from the Constitution State (Connecticut)! I have been here since late Thursday night and am staying with my friend Priya. I will be leaving tomorrow to return to the big KY :)

You may (or may not) know that I used to live here...from 2006-2009, during my husband's tour of duty as an Officer with the Navy! Anyway, I've been hanging out and have spent time with my ladies but have not taken nearly enough pictures (didn't I "resolve" to do a better job of this!? dangit). All the pictures I DO have...taken with ye ole iPhone.

Lauren and Priya at the Village Beanery

Priya and me hanging at the Beanery :)

Lauren and Me back at Priya's apartment

Priya's dog Colby...he's such a little snuggle muffin

We are headed out to dinner in just a few, but I just wanted to quickly say hi! Hope you're all off to a great start of the week!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Checking in on 2011

I thought it might be good to "check in" on where I am with my wants, aka resolutions (use this word lightly), for 2011. I have a feeling this one might be embarrassing. Let's re-visit, shall we? My original list can be found here.

Exercise regularly.
I'm proud to say I've done a fairly good job of this, since about mid-May. I've been going to the gym consistently, probably 3x a week at least. I feel better and I've shed a few pounds too!

Decorate/buy furniture for my "formal" living room.
Well...I've started working on it, but haven't gotten very far.

TJ found the painting when he bought one of my birthday gifts. He's quite proud of it, I think, because (as he said) it's his first contribution to any of our decorating, ha :) I had bookmarked these chairs from Target some time ago and although they're a little more contemporary than my usual style, I hope to tie it all together somehow. Obviously we have a long way to go :)

Find, buy, and install window treatments.
No progress here. I haven't found what I'm looking for, plus, TJ is not sold on the window treatments. He's anti-window treatment....but I'll win him over.

Go to bed at a consistent time.
This one is so-so. I'm usually in bed between 10:30 and 11:30. Still, could use fine-tuning :)

Hire a cleaning lady.
Checked this one off the list in May. It is nice to come home to a clean house. The hubby is actually okay with this because it means I don't make him clean, haha.

Decorate my house more. It is kind of plain.

Again, working on it. Some progress, but not a ton....

Still just the mirrors, haven't taken action on any of those "arrowed" items...

I'm working on these shelves but cannot find all the decor I want, the right size frames, etc. So for now, that is what's there....

I want to be more positive.

What do youuuu think? haha :)

Overall...I think I've made some good effort, but still have a lot of work to do!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Fives, round 2

Once again, Friday Fives idear stolen from Lauren from Texas.

1. I have had a heck of a week. I don't know what has been wrong with me but I've been sad, emotional, crying, paranoid, cranky, worrying till I'm sick at my stomach, etc. My poor husband. I thought to myself earlier in the week, "I feel like I've gone bat &*^% crazy." It is a little better now but holy geez, I've been anxious for the week to end...

2. Yesterday on my way to work, I'm moving fairly quick-like, pleased with all the green lights I'm catching...when all of a sudden, there is an oncoming car in my lane, just sitting there with the blinker on to make a left turn. White Lexus SUV...WTF!? Horn honking, slamming on brakes, praying no one rear-ends me. When I'm finally able to get around them, I see it is an old old man. He was completely in the wrong lane...could have been killed, caused someone else to be killed, etc. People, this is why you should have to re-take your driving test after you hit a certain age!

3. If you are a female, in my age demographic, and purchase thank-you cards online, Amazon believes you must have had a baby! All of a sudden your "suggested items" list contains nasal aspirators, baby teethers, chlorine-free diapers, and other things you didn't even know existed. (And for the record, I do not yet need any of these items, though the question did arise when I asked myself just WHY I was feeling so bat &*^% crazy.)

4. I have some upcoming trips I'm looking forward to! Our vacation is less than two months away! Wooohooo! Hubby and I are going here, just the two of us, and I cannot wait:
Yesterday I booked our airport transfer and got a confirmation. We have to walk up to a little desk. I was hoping there'd be a little man at the bottom of the escalator, holding a sign with our name...bummer :(

5. I'm excited too because in a couple weeks, I'm going to Connecticut for a few days to see some of these pretty girls. It has been over 2 years since I moved away from CT, thus over 2 years since I've seen any of them. I'm really pumped! :)
Priya...don't hate, we'd been to the gym. Her first time carving a pumpkin.

Dana and Michelle, friends from my old job

Lauren (this picture over FOUR YEARS OLD, omg!)

Alright girls, that's all for now. Go out and have a good weekend.