Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beauty: on my "to try" list

I have a long-standing love affair with beauty products! I recently signed up for Birchbox and am waiting with baited breath for the first one to arrive! In the meantime, I thought I'd share some products I'm itching to try...
Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural, $19
I first saw the MUFE lip product on Nancy's blog, where she posted a picture of herself wearing two colors. They both looked great, and one in the photo above is actually one she was wearing (iridescent copper pink). The only MUFE product I've tried is their mat velvet + foundation, which I wear on a near-daily basis and am pretty happy with. That said, I'll probably try this lip product soon!  

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose, $22.50
I've read raves about the Fresh Sugar lip products on several blogs around the interwebs, plus it has great Sephora reviews. A lip treatment with a color payoff? I'm convinced :)

Smashbox High Def Healthy Skin Foundation, $38
I'll definitely ask for a sample of this before spending $38 on a full bottle. It seems like it might be a bit lighter than what I normally use. I have wanted to try a "high-def" foundation for awhile, but I have oily/combination skin and don't necessarily know that it'd be the best option for me. I certainly don't need something to call more attention to flaws or create more of an oil slick on my face! I hate the hassle of trying to find a good foundation...why can't we all just have great skin?!

*Note: If you sign up for Birchbox by clicking the link above, I will receive points/credit for your signing up. Just wanted to disclose! :) 


  1. Are you a sephora beauty insider???? The free bay gift this year is the fresh lip products!!!

  2. i got a freebie sugar rose lip color from sephora this year for my birthday and i am using it each morning before work. i'd say it leaves my lips a tad dry [i prefer a glossy feel], but the color is pretty! *


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