Friday, May 25, 2012

Five things on Friday

If you haven't noticed, I'm making an effort to blog more! Yes that might mean writing in advance and scheduling, but hey, it is better than nothing ;) Now, I'm probably going to struggle with what write here...

1 - With summer basically here...I wish I could wear the maxi dress! It looks so comfortable, so cool, but very long on me! I'm 5'3 so when I see maxis hanging in the store...the entire thing is as tall as I am! Short ladies out there - any advice?! I can't really justify hemming something that is made of jersey/knit material!

2 - Last night I went to my old roommate Deborah's Stella & Dot/Scentsy party. Well of course I spent too much money...but that's okay I guess. I ordered this necklace I've had my eye on for quite some time. I can't wait to wear it! I also ordered the Valentina earrings. I may decide to have a party...we shall see.

3 - Last week, I finished 50 Shades of Grey. I've finished the second and have now moved on to the third book. I like the series thus far, and it hasn't been nearly as "scary" as I thought it would be. I will say, I'm thankful for an e-reader...because I'd probably be embarrassed if someone saw me reading it, haha.

Haha :P
 4 - I don't really have anything planned for this extended weekend....other than maybe potting some flowers and hopefully maybe going to my friend Sarah's pool. She mentioned it earlier this week so I hope the offer still stands since it is going to be brutally hot, haha. Before I do that though, I will be slathering myself with some self-tanner. I'm more than a little white. I bought some of this recently on Jess's recommendation.
I have to say I was not expecting all the sparkles/shimmer in this lotion. That part isn't my favorite, but I guess it is not too big of a deal. On the bright side it isn't terribly smelly like some other self tanning lotions. I also have this one which gives good color but be advised - your hands will be DARK. I use a tanning mitt to put it on (when I actually bother to do so).
St. Tropez Bronzing Mouuse, Sephora
 5 - I am supposed to babysit my cousin's three little kids tonight while they go to a wedding. I have a terrible sinus headache right now, so I hope it eases up between now and then :( Otherwise it is going to be a long night.


  1. look at you! blogging up a storm! :)
    i randomly tried on a maxi dress a few weeks back b/c i love the look! LOVED it. i picture it with a sandal w/ a bit of a heel, but if not, i'll just pull that sucker up a tad w/ a belt. scored it for $3 at goodwill! brand new! :) give them a shot!
    and that ecard re: 50 is freakin' hilarious!! love those books, too! if you finish before me, don't spoil it!!! *

  2. I read the 50 shades trilogy on my ipad for that same reason!
    Maybe you could use fashion tape on a maxi?

  3. Thay cartoon is hilarious!

  4. Had to stop by to say "hey" after your "Fifty Shades of Grey" comment. I'm on the third book and I don't want it to end! I have a feeling I'll feel a little depressed, too, when I finish the series. Love the cartoon image above - perfect!

  5. i just saw a review of the st. tropez product, sounds amazing and i think i will definitely be checking it out. i think gotta keep searching for maxis, i am 5'4" and a few of them are pretty long on me, so i put those back and find the ones that are just long enough :-)

  6. Fun post! Loving those earrings you ordered! I just started 50 Shades! Finally jumped on the bandwagon! lol


  7. I have 50 Shades waiting to go on my iPad, perhaps I'll finally get it loaded tonight. As for maxi dresses, I'm 5'1" and actually hemmed a jersey one, but I know Michael Kors made petite length maxi dresses last year, I got one at Nordstrom. They are still long but easier for us shorties to wear!

  8. What are your thoughts on the second two "50's" as opposed to the first one? I'm about 40% through the first one (or so says the Kindle) and I like it so far, but heard only so-so reviews on the others. I LOVED the first Hunger Games, really liked the second, and was disappointed with the third, if that's any inclination as to how I like my books. LOL. Also, kudos to blogging more! I've been bad for several months now...oops. Hope the groundbreaking went well today!

  9. I so need a tan...I recently bought a tanner from Bare Essentials and had good results the one time I took the time to apply it that S&D silver bib!

  10. Totally relate to your maxi dress dilemma. They are either too short or too long on I have better luck with maxi skirts that have a waistband that I can adjust. Or I guess if I ever find a maxi dress that I just have to have, I would just have to get it altered to fit.
    And I laughed out loud at the 50 Shades comment about being embarrassed if someone saw you reading it. I was sitting at Whole Foods having lunch this afternoon and this lady was sitting next to me TOTALLY into the 2nd book. She was enthralled and I couldn't help but imagining that she was reading some raunchy sex scene. Kinda awkward considering she looked eerily like my grandmother.

    XO - Marion


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