Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cardboard Box Diet v. 1

Fellow blogger Lauren (doesn't she have fantastic brows?!), at Lauren from Texas, is starting a new feature which she refers to as the Cardboard Box Diet. Initially, I thought Cardboard Box referred to food. If you read her post though, you'll realize the Cardboard Box has greater implications.

I'd venture to say we've all been there, or almost there. And by almost there, I mean "I'm too sorry to actually get out a box and put the clothes in it, but rather leave them hanging in the closet where I look at them often and wish they fit," almost there. Or substitute cardboard box with oversized large shopping tote marked for Goodwill and well, you know what Lauren is feeling. 

Lauren's cardboard box feature isn't going to be all about dieting. I think we all know I'd fail miserably at that. Lauren's goal is like mine -- being healthy and fit, not so much being "skinny" or a certain weight. Those are nice added benefits, but are not the end goal. I told Lauren on Twitter that I was excited about her feature and committed to myself to join in with her. 

I've talked here often about my Barre Amped obsession. I'm not going to stop talking about it. Part of me wants to apologize, but a bigger part of me doesn't. I love Barre Amped more than any other workout I've done....I don't dread it, I get results, and it is helping me feel better about my body. Sure, I still wish my inner thighs were a little more toned and a little less flabby, and I wish I could get some of what feel like the saddlebags off my hips. I'll get there (I hope). But at least I'm making progress. 

As part of Lauren's feature...I'll highlight the following stats:
  • Weigh-in: 126 lbs (as of 6/27). I know I am not a big person and my focus is not on losing weight or seeing a smaller number. But it's on not seeing a larger number, and on being healthy. And keeping my high blood pressure in check! When my weight climbs, so does my blood pressure.
  • Exercise completed: 60 minute Barre Amped class Monday, 60 minute Barre Fire class Tuesday, walking the dogs Wednesday
  • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: I ate Mexican food for lunch on Monday. Belated birthday lunch with some co-workers. (Sadly this verbiage will probably be on repeat on this ol blog, minus the birthday part)
  • Success story: I held it through almost ALL positions at class on Monday, without dropping, after missing class for almost two weeks. It makes your muscles BURN and makes you shake. It continues to challenge me!
  • Recipe(s): I don't have any recipes this week, but how about a healthy snack? Don't anybody punch me okay...but I recently discovered I actually like grapes. I've been snacking on them quite a bit this week!
  • Photo: This photo is not really even related to this feature, but it sort of is. Over the weekend I found a maxi dress that actually fits (i.e. isn't 2 feet too long). I got it at Target, and it is a junior's size. Hello. I haven't been able to wear a junior's size in quite a while. Here's the pattern:

I'm anxious to see the style of Lauren's post, and we'll go from there for next week! See you soon!


  1. I love this! Just because you're what most people would call "thin" (I definitely would!) doesn't mean you can't work to be healthy, too. No matter what size you are, a healthy lifestyle is important. And what a cute dress! You should post a picture of yourself in it. :)

  2. I finally put (washed) grapes in a tupperware in the freezer and eat them on the patio since its Summer. SO. GOOD.

  3. Oh, I'd love to find a maxi-dress but I have similar issues with length. I'll have to check Target.

    I totally understand your desire to keep your weight consistent for other related health issues. I've fought a similar fight with hives (probably due to diet) and a family history of EVERYTHING related to being overweight.

    Here's hoping we can all be successful :)

  4. Popping over from Lauren's! I'm right there with you - it's about healthy, not a number. And while my goal *is* to lose some weight, if the emphasis is on the scale and not on how I feel, it won't stick. I have heard great things about barre classes! And I second Brittney - frozen grapes are the BEST in the summer!

  5. Love this! I've been looking at the Tone ItUp diet and exercise plan but didn't want to fork over the money. So I bought a book called the Eat Clean Diet book and it's similar to the tone it up. All natural whole foods. I love it do far. Hopefully I'll make it to BA on Monday again :) I like our barre dates, ha!


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