Friday, June 1, 2012

Fashion Friday: Summer Dresses

With scorching temperatures on the horizon....sometimes there is nothing more comfortable than a light, breezy dress. I think I've mentioned here before - I am not huge on shorts,  but I'll wear them in "have-to" situations. However, sometimes a dress is even better. Anyway, no maxi dresses today, as we've talked about my issues there, but here are a few other dresses I've found that...if my wallet had no limits...I might be adding to my closet :) 
(pssst, my birthday is just around the corner)

I love the cut of this dress. Also available in navy.

I love this dress! The green color is really striking and I love the "basketweave" at the waistline. Alas...I do not love the pricetag. It is jersey/knit material and is more than $100. What?! I've also read in the reviews that the hemline is unfinished. If the dress goes on sale, maybe...but as it stands, I will just admire it on the interwebz :) 

I pinned this red dress awhile ago. I love the bow and the polka dots. It would be perfect for a picnic. (Though let's be real -- when's the last time I went on a picnic?!) Okay, let's revise. It'd be perfect for the 4th of July, no matter what the occasion! :)

This dress I love because of the Hawaiian flowers. It makes me want to be on the beach! :)

I own several jersey LOFT dresses and they're all so comfortable. I love the ruffle detailing on this one. Also available in Navy, and perhaps other colors in store (not 100% certain but I feel like I saw a few others).

So what are your thoughts? Do you like these "Fashion Friday" type posts?
I actually enjoy writing them and they also don't require that I've had a glamorous/fun/exciting activity in my life to tell you about. Though that'd certainly be more fun :)


  1. Loving the green! But yes, over 100 is too much for jersey. LOFT always has such crazy sales, that would probably be the best way to go.

  2. I love all those dresses. You're right, LOFT jersey dresses are SO comfortable, they just hang. Love them.

  3. I am so glad that it's finally sundress weather too! I'm wearing one today!

  4. Hi Jill!
    Oh how lovely. I do need some new summer dresses and they are all adorable. Love the yellow ruffles.

    Thank you for your sweet visit. You are alays welcome anytime my friend.

    Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  5. I love the green dress! I wonder where can I buy that one. Enjoy your summer!


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