Monday, June 11, 2012

Packing for gives me anxiety!

So, Mr. TeeJ and I are going on vacation soon. I haven't mentioned it since it came up somewhat unexpectedly, and it's sort of a work trip rolled into a vacation. I'll talk more about it later this week ;) Anyway though - packing for vacation always gives me anxiety, does it you? I feel overwhelmed. I never feel like I have the right clothes and I'm always panicked I'm going to forget something.

He told me last night though...
"Stop worrying. If you forget something, we'll just buy it when we get there."
Well then! Perhaps I'll forget...diamond earrings? pearl necklace? LV bag? 
(as if I have any of those things, ha)

Back to the subject at always helps me to make a list. Here are some of my essentials:
Contacts, case, & solution
 iPhone charger & headphones
Camera & charger
Face soap
Body soap
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Flip flops
Hair straightener
Hair products
Makeup & tweezers
Clothes (the hard part)
Tempur-pedic pillow*
*Husby may or may not have told me to bring it because he didn't want to hear me complain the whole time like I did in Miami, about how the hotel had "kleenex for pillows." Ok, so I'm a brat.
Ah, another thing that gives me anxiety?! Dressing for the plane. I always see cute, put together young women like myself, and that is my goal. But it never works out for me - I always end up feeling like a slob because I try to be comfortable. This flight is going to be quite long so I need to be comfy, but cute. 
Help me with outfit suggestions? Okay, go ;)  


  1. Tell TJ I forgot my diamond earrings, too!! I know how you feel, I always feel on the frump side - but I find myself laughing at high-heel wearing women, struggling with their bags:). Don't worry about it, you are BEAUTIFUL, seriously, don't stress. You never look a mess!!

  2. I always take my own pillow with me on vacation too! Hotel pillows are junk. I never know how girls manage to look cute while on a plane, I always want to be comfortable!

  3. That's my husband's tag line too! He's right, except when we go visit his family in Eastern KY!!

    Have a great trip! I think it's more important to be comfortable (esp. for long trips) than runway fashionable. You'll be just as cute and those other girls will wish they had taken your route!

  4. I always get stressed while packing too! I make long lists of everything i need...haha. I'd suggest jeans, boots, singlet & a zip up/wrap jumper so you can adjust easily if it gets hot/cold.

  5. I have no idea how to dress comfortably AND cute on a plane. I fail at it.

    As for the lists? I always print them out, and cross them off once they're all packed up.

  6. I just went through this same thing! I had to pack four for an eight day vacation that included a cruise, which has its own specific packing challenges. I about went mental!

    Thank you for your comment over at Team Skelley! I love your blog and am your newest follower. :D


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