Friday, July 13, 2012

Five Things on Friday


1 - I had to drop off some clothes at the dry cleaner this week, nothing unusual. They open at 7 a.m. so I often drop things off before work. On Tuesday, I dropped off a pair of pants and a blouse. As the girl was printing out my ticket, I - for whatever reason - picked up and "fluffed" my pants. Well, that was awkward...since a pair of my undies fell out of the pantleg and into the floor! I saw her kinda smile a little. She either saw, or suspected, due to the horrified look on my face and my bending down to pick them up! (See, the significance of telling you my dry cleaner opens at 7 am was so you knew how wonderfully my day started!!! Ugh!)

2 - Yesterday I had an eyebrow wax on my lunch break. I sometimes sneak off to do this and hope no one notices once I get back to the office (ha!) Well, it seemed to work. Shortly after I got home, though, TJ and I were standing in the kitchen. He's talking to me when all of a sudden he stops and looks sorta quizzically at me, cocks his head, and says "Did you get your eyebrows waxed?"

3 - Did a little decorating...remember the furniture and stuff I told you about earlier this week? It was delivered! (Facebook friends, I'm sorry) The room definitely needs some personalization, as well as some more accents/accessories so it looks a little less like a doctor's office waiting room...but hopefully it won't take me 3 more years to get something done! Here's how it looks currently:
Picture from Bed Bath & Beyond, Trunk & Tall "Vase" from Garden Ridge, and Florals from Target
Chairs & Rug from Target, Sofa, Table, & Lamp from Oak Factory Outlet, Printed Art from Pier One
4 - I thought I'd share what has become one of my favorite summer treats. Blue Bell Orange Dream Bars. Delicious, and only 70 calories each.
You're welcome.

5 - I am hoping to go to Trader Joe's this weekend. I have zero idea of what I hope to buy, and couldn't really even tell you WHY specifically I want to go. I'm sure I'll find something :)

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy FRIDAY!


  1. lol about the drycleaners...happy Friday!

  2. You will find so much stuff at trader joes! I was just talking to my mom this morning and trying to convince her to go. She is afraid of the crowds. Get cookie butter!

  3. Trader Joe's is awesome! I kind of feel like it's the food version of Target, I somehow always end up spending $$ even when I go in for nothing!

  4. I love the frozen chocolate banana bites from TJ's!

  5. Ahhh! Hahahaaa - I'm lovin the dry cleaners story.

  6. I went to Trader Joe's one time to see what all the hype was. I came out empty handed. I haven't been back. I don't get it.

  7. Up reading this in the middle of the night and the underwear story made me laugh. Oh and I have an unsung love for trader joes.

  8. That was supposed to say undying.

  9. Your room looks great and I needed that laugh...

    Enjoying catching up on your blog:)

  10. love the dry cleaner story! I'm always so afraid of that happening haha! I also try to sneak and get my eyebrows done before I go somewhere or in between things. Sometimes I can get away with it, sometimes I'm REALLY red! Hope you found some things at Trader Joes :)

  11. Oh that is too hilarious about the dry cleaner!! Oh my goodness.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  12. LOVE your living room and entry and love even more you got stuff from practically all the places I shop. A bargain girl at heart I see!


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