Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - it's JULY

1. Over the weekend, I shot a gun for the first time in my life. My brother has a small pistol and while at my parents house, I shot at some "targets" he made for me. Umm. Let's just say I should choose a weapon other than a gun if I need to protect myself. I didn't hit the target at all. I just messed up a few tree branches.

2. TJ recently bought a package of Starbucks Colombian blend coffee. "Smell this," he said. It was kind of funky. He claimed it smelled burnt and tasted terrible. To use his words, he's "not real good at taking things back," so guess who returned the coffee? (YES, HE ASKED ME TO RETURN A PACKAGE OF COFFEE -- embarrassing)

3. While at the store returning said burnt coffee, I told a little girl her sparkly shoes were pretty. Thank you, she said. "Yours are not." I didn't know if I'd heard her correctly, so I asked her to repeat herself. "Yours are not," she said. "Oh. Mine are not pretty?" I asked. "Yes," she said. "They are not sparkly." Hrmph.

 4. Last week I did something I thought I'd never do...used a Neti-Pot. If you follow me on Twitter, this isn't necessarily news to you (sorry). It wasn't nearly as bad as I anticipated. As a child, I had a lot of nosebleeds, and the dr. prescribed me a saltwater nose-spray...ugh. I just hate putting things up my nose. Anyway, I was desperate for relief from sinus pressure so I sucked it up. I have now used it several times and it seems a bit helpful.

5. I'm probably the last person to the party here..but I ate Greek yogurt for the first time yesterday, strawberry Chobani. I was not a fan. It's so thick! I'll still try some recipes with it (cooking wise) but as far as just eating it straight out of the container...probably not gonna happen.

6. We're finally making some progress in our front "formal" living room. Up until this past week, it still looked like this. And yes, this picture was taken in August of last year.
However, in the last week or so we've purchased an area rug, couch (originally $1209 purchased for $393 -- oh yeah!), small table, lamp, a smaller picture for the wall, and a decorative trunk that TJ picked out (shocker). The rug was not entirely something I'd have chosen, but they say marriage is about compromise and well, I'm not real great at that. I think I can live with it, so I picked my battles ;) Anyway, the couch and table are being delivered tomorrow today, so once things are in place I'll share a more up to date picture.

7. We also purchased a tall...vase (?) and some decorative florals. But I didn't end up liking them in the room, and they wouldn't stand up on the carpet. So I put it in the hallway. And shocker, I kinda like it there...so it'll stay there for now.
Also, is it just me or do you see something weird about the picture above? Notice the trim work that stops at the edge of the room. Seriously, Ball Homes, would it really have been that hard to finish that out into the hallway?! I never noticed this before, but now that I've picked up on it, I'm irritated. Maybe this can be a little DIY project for me? (If I find the motivation I'll be seriously shocked) I think this is actually one I might be able to figure out on my own (rather than asking my dad for advice, haha)

8. Yesterday I did Zumba for the first time. Some people I work with have been doing it for the past couple of months now, at 4 pm on Monday afternoons. For some reason I'd never participated until yesterday. I was sweating, which to me is an indication of a decent workout. It wasn't like running or doing a full barre class, but it was fun and I was getting a workout in. It is probably something you can do for quite awhile because it is fun (ya know, unlike a Jillian Michaels video where you want to throw something at the television after 30 minutes).

9. I've visited my parents the last two Saturdays in a row. I don't think I could tell you the last time that has happened. They have a pool - it's been "hotter than blue blazes," as my dad would say - and pool means I can stay outside. I can't spend much time indoors there, because they now have cats and I'm super allergic.

10. TJ has got it in his mind that we need to go to Yellowstone next summer. I don't know if you've noticed, but I like the beach. I'm trying not to be a huge downer (refer back to item 6, compromise)...but that is not exactly my idea of a vacation. It sounds hot and sweaty and like a lot of activity. Also, bug bites and strange tan lines. I'm trying to be open minded here, but do you see the conundrum?! :P

Alright, that's all I got for now bloggies! See you soon! :)


  1. I can't believe someone told you that your shoes aren't cute!
    I would suggest trying different brands of greek yogurt. I like the fage with fruit and voikos is my favorite. I think it is the least thick. Trader joes are also really good and y'all just got one! My mom is pretty excited about that. Try the cookie butter!

  2. Zumba kinda scares me. I tend to stay away from most workout classes because I feel so silly and just start laughing to myself. However, I do want to try barre!

  3. LOL about the sparkly vs nonsparkly shoes. Kids are pretty darn honest, huh?

    Yellowstone wouldn't be so bad. I'm going to side with TJ. :D (Sorry~!)

    I can handle a gun for the most part. But a bow and arrow - not. You should have seen the major honking bruise on my arm a few weeks ago from my arrow/bow shooting incident. :(

  4. Aw, bummed you didn't love your Strawberry! We just released 16 oz blended flavors which have a more whipped consistency...shoot us an email at fans[at]chobani dot com and we'll hook ya up with some cups! They're also super great for baking.

    Chat soon!


  5. i really want to shoot a gun and see what it's like. i know i shot one when i was younger, but i can't remember it.
    i think i also want to get a pistol permit. yikes!! you never know what kind of crazies may want to get into your house! ;)

  6. That is quite a few firsts! I can't believe the kid was so rude. What did her mother say??


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