Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ten on Tuesday...omg it's July 31!

Do you see this mess of cords?!?!
1--This was my husband on Friday night, trying to install a new something-or-other behind the television. In the process he inadvertently pulled the speaker out of the wall (see it sitting on the mantle?). As a result he peppered the air with lots of obscenities...and I became angry. When he ever-so-kindly asked for help, I may have yelled at him, used some F bombs and called him a word that starts with a D. Oops. We may not have talked for about an hour afterwards. Why am I telling you this, blogworld? Because I often get a little "envy" when I read blogs and the person and their life seems so perfect...but I know that isn't the case. No one is perfect, so I'm just being real.

2--We booked our fall trip to Mexico! I'm so excited! We are going back to the same resort as last year, though we are going in October vs. September. We waited too long and missed the special promo, so September was much more expensive! October = more affordable. Also, we booked through AllInclusiveOutlet.com (based here in Lexington) and saved even more money! Use them to book your next AI vacation, and ask for Anna as your travel consultant :) (This is not sponsored - I've known Anna since college and they really did save us some cash!)

3--So, I'm loving my new Erin Condren planner. Each week has a place to write your goals and a small to-do list, and I like this. However, I must say, last week, I really sucked it up. I wrote down some things and guess what? I was only able to cross one off the list. Oops. I'm getting kind of tired of carrying things over, ha!

4--Over the weekend, I tried a "trick" I found on Danielle's blog. Is anyone else like me, and forgets their towels in the washing machine? If not, consider yourself lucky...I've done it many times! Then you have a load of funky towels that smell even after another wash. Follow this link for how to de-funk your bath towels using baking soda and white vinegar. It really works!

5--I finally tried BB cream! I received a sample of Dr. Jart in one of my recent Birchboxes, but hadn't tried it. I'll definitely try another brand before I make a decision about BB creams in general, but I didn't care for this one. It didn't make my skin too oily (a plus), but what I noticed and didn't like was that it really highlighted the big pores on some parts of my face. Ew and gross! Want to sign up for Birchbox? Click here for a referral.

6--We recently started watching Mad Men. Hello. Have I been living under a rock?! We just started watching season 2 last night. Quick observation? I loathe Pete Campbell.

7--At any given time I have a list of "things" going in my head, things that I want to do...be it activities or projects. Currently on that list? Take a golf lesson, go to a legitimate wine tasting, do a night at Painting with a Twist, go to an outdoor concert at a winery, do a night at Mad Potter, make some wreaths, have Bunco again, upgrade my bathroom mirrors, and so on...

8--I'm currently slightly addicted to the Song Pop game/app. Do you have it? If not, download it now. It is officially a Time Waster. You're welcome.

9--I placed three orders from Amazon on Sunday. I think I need an intervention. They just have it all! I have legit purchased the following things from Amazon in the past few months...Schick Quatro shaver refills, Swiffer Dusters, doggie joint supplements, light bulbs, doggie waste bags, tampons, an iPhone case...who needs the store?!

10--I can't think of anything else. Gotta go people! Happy Tuesday! :)


  1. 1 -- Welcome to Sterling, Draper, Price -- and yes, Pete Campbell is a horrible person!!


    2 -- SongPop is great, isn't it!! I get so excited when I earn enough tokens to buy a new playlist!! Hahaha, we are nerds!

  2. Yay! Glad the towel thing worked for you. I tried it too but I haven't had a chance to thoroughly sniff the towels (:

    I'm totally going to look into the AI travel agency. Who knew it was right here in Lexvegas?!

  3. Yeah, your interaction with your hubby is all-too-common and anyone who says otherwise is lying! But, we all kiss and make up and move on. I've never watched Mad Men except for little snippets here and there and I've always liked what I saw. Yet for some reason, I've never watched the series on a regular basis. I must have been watching something else on another channel.

  4. My boyfriend makes me swear on a daily basis, hahaha.

    Happy Tuesday to you too xo!

  5. Well, when Amazon is $20 cheaper for an Otterbox than THE WALMARTS and with free shipping, why not? Or at least that's why I ordered from them recently. That and I couldn't find a garden flag I liked locally and well, you don't really want me to go on. I'd get on a soapbox about driving in New Jersey traffic and it might not be a good thing. ;)

    Mexico! Only ever crossed the border near Del Rio and that trip didn't make me want to return. Have fun though!

  6. Okay, I ordered my first EC planner and it won't arrive until mid August... and this post is making me more excited. I'm such a dweeb.

  7. I can help with the golf lesson and wine tasting. I want to do one of those painting things, too...with wine:)!! Also, John and I don't "help" each other around the house too often, never ends well;)

  8. So glad you are using your EC planner!!! I'm ready for my 2013 already- the updates on the newest ones are bomb =) and it's slightly skinnier and less heavy so it will fit in my purse/satchel better!

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