Thursday, August 30, 2012

CB Diet, week 10

So 10weeks in, and I still I suck at this diet/blogging thing. I just had an entire post written out, saved in draft since Sunday, and somehow Blogger deleted the whole thing. GRRR! Anyway, I downloaded the Lose It app again, and have been using it somewhat. Lunches though? I suck at those. Oh, you wanna go to lunch? Just name the time and place.
Weigh-in: I haven't...

Exercise: I'm actually kinda proud of this bullet. I have a report!
  • Saturday: Ran/walked 2.33 miles. The last 1/3 or so was with the dogs so it was kind of slow. AND it was outside...running outside is hard for me! Lots of hills and slopes in my neighborhood!
  • Sunday: 60 minute BarreAmped class (not bootcamp, but still a workout)
  • Monday: 60 minute BarreAmped bootcamp.
  • Tuesday: TJ and I walked the dogs. A shortish walk, but still! Out there and moving!
  • Wednesday: 60 minute BarreAmped bootcamp. My legs still felt shaky while I was driving home!!!
Splurge/guilty pleasure: Okay...I had lunch at Mad Mushroom on Monday, this was a small salad and a slice of pizza. Tuesday I had lunch with one of my employees...and I had a buffalo chicken strip salad (oops). I'm no lunchtime example that is for sure. Lunch is probably what derails my effort!

Success Story:
Please refer to the bullet "exercise." I have to take a towel with me to BarreAmped class, that's how much I sweat...
People, this is awesome. I made it on Sunday night and we've eaten the heck out of it. I've just eaten it as a side item most of the time, but one time I did have a few tostitos too (oops)
I need to slap this one *re: legs* on the mirror in front of me for BarreAmped class every night! My thighs burn and shake so much! Geez. Before I took barre classes I don't think I'd ever experienced that before. 
Maybe one of these days I'll get my act together and stop eating so poorly. Until then, you'll just have to get used to my exercise updates.


  1. Hey, at least you're ten weeks in and haven't given up!

  2. What is the barre class? Do you love it? Mad Mushroom would be hard to resist! I love the sayings.

  3. Sweat is good! Fit people sweat! :o)

  4. I think I'm going to have to try the black bean corn salad this weekend! We are having company stay for a couple of nights and we are all on this will be the perfect snack to have with some baked tostito scoops!

  5. Must try the black bean corn salad ASAP! It looks right up my alley and I've seen so many people recommend it on Pinterest as well. Good job with the exercise!

  6. GOOD JOB with all the exercise! Can't wait to read your post tomorrow!


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