Monday, August 27, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Trust me, people. I have no intention of making the commitment that this will be a weekly thing...we all know how great I am at blogging! (sarcasm) But, I'm trying to do better in many facets of life, so I thought I'd start with a post here since I'm spending part of today trying to plan some meals for the week...
  • Monday--Baked/grilled chicken breasts with a cucumber/tomato/red onion salad (personal recipe)
  • Tuesday--Taco Pasta Salad (add grilled chicken) 
  • Wednesday--Summertime Caprese Chicken (never had this before, so I'm not sure about it)
  • Thursday--Leftovers (I have a work commitment that will interfere w/making dinner as well as eating it at a reasonable hour)
  • Friday--Chicken Parmesan (w/some type of green veggie)
Other things, for either breakfasts, snacks, or take-to-work lunches...
As usual, this will of course require a trip to the grocery. Also - an admission...I tend to plan meals like this often and end up not making them, for whatever reason. So hopefully, posting it here will keep me more accountable! We shall see!

What are you cooking (eating?) this week?


  1. That cucumber/tomato/onion salad sounds delish!!!!

  2. Taco pasta salad sounds good!

  3. I'm eating and preparing anything that is easy. ;) The caprese chicken looks good.

  4. Taco pasta salad sounds yummy! I want to get better trying to meal plan at least a couple times a week. Now if I could just get it down on paper...


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