Thursday, September 6, 2012

CB diet, week 11

Here we are at week 11.....this is basically just an exercise report now. But whatever, it's something.
Weigh-in: On Saturday when I weighed, 126.8...

Exercise: I'm actually kinda proud of this bullet. I have a report!
  • Saturday: 60 minute BarreAmped bootcamp
  • Monday: 60 minute BarreAmped bootcamp
  • Tuesday: 1.57 mile run...I ran to about 1.53 without stopping. This was outside...and that means HILLS, people! So the no stopping? That means something!
  • Wednesday: No exercise, I had a meeting after work and was lazy by the time I got home...
Splurge/guilty pleasure: Well....after I ran that mile? A couple hours later I ate a Little Debbie brownie. That my husband put into the shopping cart. Darn that feller....

Success Story:
Please refer to the bullet "exercise."

Recipes: I've made pretty much nothing, haha.
Also known as, "if you keep Little Debbies in your pantry, you will eat Little Debbies."

Now this girl here...she is from a barre studio's website. She is using 3 lbs weights. I'm completely into Barre exercise, but there's no way she got these arms using just 3 lb weights!  


  1. I don't know about BarreAmped other than what I've learned from you. I wish I had those arms!

    I have been reading more and more about Real Food and thinking about moving forward in that realm to see what the leads us. It would lead me to tossing quite a bit of garbage which is a depressing thought in and of itself. :( But, in the long run, it would be so worth it!

    1. Gwen, if you have stuff to get rid of you could always donate it to a church or nonprofit or something!

  2. Way to go on the exercise this week! I'm really need to check out BarreAmped. I agree about keeping real food in the fridge. I have realized that I'm more successfull when I have fresh produce in my house.

  3. WTG Jill!

    Actually, you can get seriously toned muscles by lifting light ... by lifting slooooooooooooooow, on both the positive and negative portion of the lift. And her muscles are in full display because she probably has zilch in body fat.

  4. Awesome job!! I've started switching out guilty pleasure brownies with FiberOne brownies. They don't taste like cardboard, so it's a win.

    Keep up the awesomeness, fellow cardboard box dieter!

  5. Great job this week! I have been on a guilt free vacation, so I have nothing good to report, but your photos this week really are inspirational. Like I wanna print them and keep them.

  6. I'm a big believer in the "keep good food and you'll eat good food" rule, which is why I don't keep oreos in the house. ;-) Dang those husbands -- but good job on working out!

  7. I love the image "You're one workout away from a good mood". So true. I had a stressful week last week, and on Thursday I had a headache, and I was in a terrible cranky mood. Went to CrossFit and came home super bubbly. Love it.


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