Thursday, September 13, 2012

CB Diet, week 12

Thanks for visiting for my week 12 exercise report....
Weigh-in: I haven't weighed in a few days

Exercise: These are my activities since last week's report....
  • Thursday: 60 minute Barre Amped bootcamp
  • Sunday: 2.17 mile run/walk. I ran about 1.85 miles, then I picked up my dogs and walked the rest.
  • Monday: 60 minute Barre Amped bootcamp
  • Tuesday: 60 minute Barre Amped bootcamp
  • Wednesday: -rest day- 
Splurge/guilty pleasure: Well I've eaten crap for lunch every day this week, so.... 

Success Story:
I'm going to count my Sunday run as my success story. I wanted to quit a couple times, but I kept going.

Recipes: I'm going to respectfully ignore this one. If you haven't noticed, food is the issue. I am not great at eating healthy foods. Boo :(

Pictures: Surprise, surprise...this week there is actually a photo of ME! Not a very good one though, and one I stole from Facebook. Our local Lululemon showroom had a "trunk show" at the studio yesterday, and a small bit of me appears in one of their photos.
(I mean, I've gotta have my coffee people...)

This is what I try to do...beat my last distance by a smidge!


  1. yay! congrats! you're doing awesome. I need to come to BA soon!

  2. Those images at the end are hilarious (especially the caffeine one). Good job this week. At least you got out there and did something, right!

  3. Girl, you are amazing! Way to keep moving! I am so jealous of the Lululemon Trunk Show. Their gear is awesome!

  4. Your dedication to exercise is amazing!!


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