Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Funday! (a non-CB diet post!)

I have to say, I miss blogging like I used to! I used to write about a lot of trivial little things, but at least I was doing it. I don't really write as much these days because I feel like I have nothing "interesting" to say or fun to report. I think it is because part of me feels "in competition" to be fun/hilarious/interesting/exciting like other bloggers (though lets be honest, that's one competition I ain't winning...) That is incredibly stupid, I know, but I'm just keeping it real peeps. Lots of randoms today, so we'll do this list-style...

1 - WHY does wine always give me a headache the next day? Before you're like "uh, you drank too much" let me say--not true. I had three glasses of wine last night, over the course of about 4 hours...but it happens even if I have just one glass! I never drink red wine because I don't really care for it plus I know it is associated with migraine headaches. However, I have recently picked up on the fact that even white wine seems to give me a little headache. Does this happen to anyone else or am I just a weirdo?

(Also - I'm real favorite wine has a screw off cap, ha. And for the record, that is Clean Slate brand Riesling, available at Liquor Barn and wherever fine wines are sold. Approximately $10 a bottle. You're welcome.)

2 - Sooo my friend Sarah came over on Friday night and the two of us went to Hobby Lobby followed by some crafting. We were both kinda like..."does this make us losers?" But I have to tell you, even if we are losers, it was so much fun! We went to HobLob, grabbed some coffee on the way home, then settled in at my kitchen table. If she's up for it, I'm thinking a monthly craft night?! She wanted to make a burlap wreath, while my task was to doctor up a wreath I made a couple years ago.
Well after being used for 3 "falls" in a row, it was looking a little worse for the wear. I decided that rather than start from scratch, I'd do what Gwen did and work on the one I already had! I added some more leaves, a dark red hydrangea, some other flowers, and a ribbon/bow. (I suck at making bows - I need to practice a lot!) Here's what I have now:
While at Hobby Lobby, Sarah and I determined we should be professional wreath makers. There were several wreaths selling for upwards of $79! HOLY CRAP! She looked at one and said "I think I must be reading this wrong. Will you tell me what that says?" I looked at it and said "Evidently I'm wrong too but I'd bet money that says $99.99!" People, it looked like it belonged in a cemetery, but it was for someone's front door. I'm sorry...

Oh here is Sarah's wreath, after she took it home to do a little more work on it. She isn't quite finished...
3 - Sarah and I also opened our Birchboxes together. We were both pretty under-whelmed, though she did get the blue nail polish. Hooker. Here's what was in my

4 - So last night we went over to my friend Deborah's new house. She and her husband got married and moved into their new house in June, so they had a little get-together. I wrapped up a bottle of wine in some dishtowels, a la Pinterest, but I didn't snap a picture of it before I gave it to her, darn! It was cute though, and an inexpensive gift. I also snagged two great recipes while there! I'll share them later (I gotta keep some material in my pocket, people!) 
Anyway, here's a pic of us...(and sorry, many pix here might also be visible in my Instagram feed to the right!)
Both wearing our Stella & Dot necklaces! ;) She is having another Stella party in October so of course I'm pumped! I didn't manage to get a picture of me and fact this is the only picture I took the whole night...snapped with my phone, which I'd earlier dropped into the kitchen sink, with water running...only me.

Alright, that's enough for now! Hope you have had a great weekend and get the week off to a good start!


  1. Wine always gives me a headache too. I blame the preservatives bc when I was in Italy I drank a ton and never got a headache and their wine doesn't have preservatives!

  2. I honestly want a buddy who will make wreathes with me. I've never made one before and feel left out!

  3. There is MSG in wine. That's the reasons for your headaches. ;) So, Kerr was right, it's the preservatives. Nasty buggars!

    Your wreath looks really good! I have had that same thought about making wreaths - wonder how much you'd actually profit after buying supplies? Hmmm

  4. Love the chevron top and necklace! Your wreath turned out great. I only have the issue of headaches with white wine. I used to only drink white wine and started tasting and really enjoying Pinot Noir, so now I am a huge red wine fan. Although, I do enjoy a great bottle of Reisling.

  5. If it makes you feel any more classier - I prefer the traders joes wine - all types - 2.99. I KNOW. its steeeep :)

  6. You don't have to be the funniest but I struggle with those same thoughts in posting.

    Love your dress by the way! I have the same one in blue and teal (: Love it!

  7. This is your best post yet, LOL! :) I had so much fun playing Craft Night...I will admit I wasn't too impressed with the whole getting kicked out of Hobby Lobby at 8pm...haha. I'm up for another one for sure!

  8. sounds like a fun week! your crafting makes me want to run out to michael's right now! New follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts!


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