Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Just so you know, it is really hard for me to be "wordless" with these photo posts. I guess I've always been a bit of a rebel...haha

With Eva - before she left to go back to Madrid!
Adventures in babysitting (and sidewalk chalk) - Abby

Fun with bubbles

Those pieces of hair that fall out of your ponytail can be quite troublesome!

Sidewalk chalk = necessary bathtime.

Five minutes after arriving at my house? "Jill, where is your iPad? Can I have it?"

Shopping at Lowe's on the hottest day of the year

Hubby's handiwork - new flowerbed :)

New hydrangea in the front

New unknown flower, also in the front

Friday, May 25, 2012

Five things on Friday

If you haven't noticed, I'm making an effort to blog more! Yes that might mean writing in advance and scheduling, but hey, it is better than nothing ;) Now, I'm probably going to struggle with what write here...

1 - With summer basically here...I wish I could wear the maxi dress! It looks so comfortable, so cool, but very long on me! I'm 5'3 so when I see maxis hanging in the store...the entire thing is as tall as I am! Short ladies out there - any advice?! I can't really justify hemming something that is made of jersey/knit material!

2 - Last night I went to my old roommate Deborah's Stella & Dot/Scentsy party. Well of course I spent too much money...but that's okay I guess. I ordered this necklace I've had my eye on for quite some time. I can't wait to wear it! I also ordered the Valentina earrings. I may decide to have a party...we shall see.

3 - Last week, I finished 50 Shades of Grey. I've finished the second and have now moved on to the third book. I like the series thus far, and it hasn't been nearly as "scary" as I thought it would be. I will say, I'm thankful for an e-reader...because I'd probably be embarrassed if someone saw me reading it, haha.

Haha :P
 4 - I don't really have anything planned for this extended weekend....other than maybe potting some flowers and hopefully maybe going to my friend Sarah's pool. She mentioned it earlier this week so I hope the offer still stands since it is going to be brutally hot, haha. Before I do that though, I will be slathering myself with some self-tanner. I'm more than a little white. I bought some of this recently on Jess's recommendation.
I have to say I was not expecting all the sparkles/shimmer in this lotion. That part isn't my favorite, but I guess it is not too big of a deal. On the bright side it isn't terribly smelly like some other self tanning lotions. I also have this one which gives good color but be advised - your hands will be DARK. I use a tanning mitt to put it on (when I actually bother to do so).
St. Tropez Bronzing Mouuse, Sephora
 5 - I am supposed to babysit my cousin's three little kids tonight while they go to a wedding. I have a terrible sinus headache right now, so I hope it eases up between now and then :( Otherwise it is going to be a long night.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I've never done this before...but I'm trying to do a better job of keeping up with blogging!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Fashion Friday: Blouses, v.2

Hello lovelies! I know, I know, you weren't expecting this were you? :)
I enjoyed rounding up blouses for you last week, and found so many that I had to come back with another post. For the cardigan-challenged/afflicted like myself, blouses are pretty difficult. However, I only wore a cardigan ONE day last week, so I'm pretty proud of myself.

This week we have some work options, some casual options, some mix-match options. No commentary this week, just pictures for you.

Jones NY Tie Neck Blouse, $51.75

Limited Cap Sleeve Tee, many colors, $26
LOFT Split Neck Henley Blouse, $49.50
Bellatrix Lace Fan Top, $69
Anthropologie Braxton, $78
I'm a little torn on this one because I don't know if I'd care for the material...I guess you could always return it.
  Now, if only we had the "add to closet" button that worked instantly, no cash required...

Enjoy ladies!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beauty: on my "to try" list

I have a long-standing love affair with beauty products! I recently signed up for Birchbox and am waiting with baited breath for the first one to arrive! In the meantime, I thought I'd share some products I'm itching to try...
Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural, $19
I first saw the MUFE lip product on Nancy's blog, where she posted a picture of herself wearing two colors. They both looked great, and one in the photo above is actually one she was wearing (iridescent copper pink). The only MUFE product I've tried is their mat velvet + foundation, which I wear on a near-daily basis and am pretty happy with. That said, I'll probably try this lip product soon!  

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose, $22.50
I've read raves about the Fresh Sugar lip products on several blogs around the interwebs, plus it has great Sephora reviews. A lip treatment with a color payoff? I'm convinced :)

Smashbox High Def Healthy Skin Foundation, $38
I'll definitely ask for a sample of this before spending $38 on a full bottle. It seems like it might be a bit lighter than what I normally use. I have wanted to try a "high-def" foundation for awhile, but I have oily/combination skin and don't necessarily know that it'd be the best option for me. I certainly don't need something to call more attention to flaws or create more of an oil slick on my face! I hate the hassle of trying to find a good foundation...why can't we all just have great skin?!

*Note: If you sign up for Birchbox by clicking the link above, I will receive points/credit for your signing up. Just wanted to disclose! :) 

Monday, May 14, 2012

My brother, the graduate!

Here we are two years ago...May 2010
In 2010, I received my MBA from Morehead State and my brother received his BA

And here we were this weekend...May 2012
A big congratulations to my brother Jake, who received his Masters in Music from MSU!

A few more pictures....
With his girlfriend Sam. Is her hair not totally awesome or what?! Jealous.
She is so cute -- and sweet too!


Jake left on Sunday (yesterday) for China! He'll be back in about 10 days.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fashion Friday: I haven't done this in awhile!

It was either Ann or Lauren who suggested I write a Fashion Friday post...uh, haven't done one of these in awhile! Bear with me, ladies, I might be a little rusty! Also please note I do not claim to be a fashion blogger, fashion expert, or fashion aficionada...I am fully aware I am none of those things, haha

I have shared before how I find it challenging to dress appropriately, middle-of-the-road, outside the office. Good example, Tatum's 1st birthday party yesterday, had no idea what to wear (Tatum is Ann's daughter). I either feel too casual or too dressy. I always stare at my closet wishing for more "flowy" blouses, like this one. I like it paired with the white pants in the photo, and think a statement necklace would look nice too.
Piperlime Daniel Rainn blouse, $64
Another example of the type of blouse I'm talking about and need more of in my closet!
Limited Dolman Sleeve blouse, $49
I also like these bow-neck blouses, which I often see referred to as "Pussybow."  This one is from Modcloth and comes in several colors. I've never bought anything from Modcloth, so I can't speak to their quality, but maybe I need to! :) This blouse is probably a little bit of a "cheat" because it could work for the office, too.
Modcloth Des Colores Top, $42.99
This is another that is a bit of a cheat, because it would work for the office or for the weekends. In fact, I like this whole outfit for a weekday, but then I'd of course have difficulty separating my mind from the fact that this was a 'work shirt' haha :)
Limited Blouson Top, $54
I'm somewhat torn on this blouse, and would have to see it "on" before making a final decision. I think I'm drawn to it though because it reminds me of one I missed out on at LOFT earlier this year. It had some florals and was a similar shade of aqua/teal.
Lauren Conrad for Kohl's, $33.60
Edited to add: Since writing this post, I've seen this top in person. It was a definite pass for me. It is not a flowy, summery material but rather a knit version. Also, the sleeves are "open" but held together by those little bows you see. Definitely an item that looks better online.

Lastly, I've admired this "Pippa" blouse for awhile. I've never purchased from Red Dress Boutique so I cannot speak to the quality of their items, but I follow them on Facebook and they have really cute stuff! I think this green is beautiful, though the blouse comes in a coral color as well.
Red Dress Boutique Pippa Blouse, $39

This "blouse" hunt was a little bit of a challenge for me, because as I've shared before...I seem to have an affinity for cardigans. Lately I've been trying not to buy cardigans in an effort to diversify my wardrobe. What about you? Do you have tons of "the same" in your wardrobe?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Look for Less? Blue Jacket

Hello friends! Hope this spring/early summer is treating you well. The warmer weather lately is giving me a heightened awareness of the fact that I do NOT have a very deep spring/summer wardrobe! Ugh. 

I'd been admiring this blue J. Crew jacket for awhile now, especially after seeing it on my old college roommate. However, I wasn't really loving the pricetag.
J.Crew Herringbone Blazer, $175
I recently stumbled across a similar jacket on one of my favorite fashion blogs....either Corporette or Capital Hill Style. Now, I fully realize I'm not a) an attorney or b) employed on Capitol Hill. Either way, their fashion tips are timely, classic, and appropriate. When in doubt, overdress, right?! Anyway...on to the look for less...
Nordstrom: Gibson Linen One Button Blazer, $88  
I recently ordered the Nordstrom version, so we'll see how it turns out.
Just wanted to share! :)