Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to update billing information for your Blogger/Google domain

Once upon a time, a blogger named Jill purchased her own domain through Google/Blogger. Jill became nervous when she began receiving these emails, because her credit card had recently been compromised in the nationwide Target debacle.

(Okay, no more third person)
Knowing I needed to update my billing information, I decided to follow the instructions included in the email. (Hint: It includes going to http://admin.google.com)

Signing in with my usual Google login information...I get this message.

Well. I have one other Google account that I know of so I try that. Nope. Still the same weird message. I decide to actually look who the "Google Apps Team" emailed...


I tried logging in with that address. I tried every password I could ever remember using in the history of my life, to no avail.

The process for retrieving said password wanted me to "verify" something which, in order to get, needed....guess what....MY PASSWORD!!! This is where I found myself stuck on other tutorials.

I ended up emailing Google and telling them what a cluster this was the problem I was having. I received an email back within not too much time, and it included instructions for how to reset my password. I'm going to share those here with you below, to save you the time and headache and lots of curse words I experienced.
  1. Go to http://admin.google.com
  2. Login with your appropriate user name - May be bloggeradmin@yourdomain.com, may also be yourname@yourdomain.com. My advice is to check the email sent to you by Google!
  3. If you do not remember your password, you'll need to retreive it.
    1. Visit https://admin.google.com/yourdomain.com/ForgotAdminAccountInfo (obviously change the bolded underlined portion. It does not need www).
    2. Solve the CAPTCHA
    3. Google will send the instructions to your backup account. Hopefully you set this up!
    4. Reset your password!
    5. Email yourself (an address you regularly use) with the log-in information and a really good password hint!
  4. This should solve your login problem. Login with the appropriate username and your new password that you will never ever forget.
  5. Click on Billing

  6. On the next screen, click the little dollar sign to update your billing information.

  7. Setup auto renew, enter valid billing info, and save save save.
You want to hear the best part of the story? I did all of that and it turned out the credit card on file was fine. It wasn't the one that had been changed due to the Target data breach.

I just went through myself this within the last week, and after Jordon posted with the same problem, I thought I'd write this post! I hope this little tutorial-of-sorts helps someone! Please feel free to pin it to your "blogging" board ;)


  1. DETAILS. Ahh everyone needs to read this and then read it again and then shower you with gifts for the next year!! AMAZING!!

  2. I totally thought of Jordan when I saw this title. Glad you both got it working right.

  3. thanx girl!!!! - awesome detail!

    PS _ i have a GIVEAWAY going on - if your interested love for you to stop by .. pass on the good karma :o)

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this helpful tutorial!! You seriously saved me a ton of time ...and a big headache! ;) It's greatly appreciated!! Pinned to help other bloggers too ;) Have a fabulous weekend! (:

  5. OMG! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Been at this for hours, couldn't figure out how to update my billing for my blogger blog even though they charged my credit card and received payment 2 months ago. They kept sending me emails that I didn't pay. I updated my info on google wallet but it wasn't connected to my blog even though I could still use my blog. soo confusing :(

    1. I did the exact same thing Betsy. This saved me from a sure tantrum...though I would have used (and may have) used words stronger than "cluster." :)

  6. I FREAKING LOVE YOU SO HARD RIGHT NOW! I've been trying to figure this out for the last two days! THANK YOU!!

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can finally stop wasting my Saturday cursing at my computer screen and move on to doing something much more useful!! Bless you!


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