Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Before-Baby Checklist

We've had plenty on our list in terms of "house" projects for quite some time, and there's nothing like a baby on the way to give us a kick in the pants to get some things done! Fortunately, we've been checking things off the list a little at a time over the last month or two...but of course, for every item checked, it seems like I add something else!

Here is my list of various things, not necessarily in the order of which they are to be completed...
(I'd love to put them in order but momma ain't got time for that)

1. Order crib & baby furniture 
Munire Furniture

2. Drywall repairs 

3. Interior house painting, including nursery 

4. HVAC work upstairs - humidifier, new duct work, install return vents 
Don't get me started on this. What idiot builder finishes a house with no return vents? Ours, evidently! This project should be finished up soon. They have a little work left to do in the attic,  but the humidifier and return vents are completed. This project was completed yesterday!

5. Remove existing furniture from guest bedroom, which will become nursery, thus moving the guest bedroom to what was previously known as the "junky room" 

We've moved the furniture, thankfully, and these furniture sliders from Lowes have been a Godsend! TJ lifts the furniture, I place the sliders beneath the feet, and then we just push-slide-n-guide the furniture to where we want it. This was the "junky room" on January 1st of this year...
from the post: Why do we make New Year's Resolutions?

...what an improvement!

(A new bedskirt & wall decor are on the list!)

6. Clean out closet in nursery-to-be
It's currently packed full of Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, and gift wrap, with a few random pieces of luggage thrown in for good measure!

7. Clean out closet in the newly relocated guest room
I've started on this task, but still have a LONG way to go!

8. Move items to attic to store (some Christmas items, etc.)

9. Clean carpet in nursery-to-be, following the completion of the HVAC/drywall/painting

10. Find and purchase bedding for nursery 
We selected the Harper bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.

11. Find and purchase a glider or rocking chair
Moms - Do you have one you recommend? It's really important to me that it comes up high enough in the back to support my entire neck and head when I lean back. However, I'd really prefer one that looks more like furniture and less "glider-like" if that makes sense...
The one on the left is from Babies R Us and the one on the right is by Dutalier.
I've sat in the chair from BRU and it does not provide enough neck support for my taste. The Dutalier chairs are super comfortable but I don't particularly love the look. I've sat in one chair that looked "my style" and it was really comfortable. It was from Pottery Barn Kids and costs an arm and leg, and I cannot really swallow the cost. I hope to find something I'm happy with SOON, comfort-wise and cost-wise.

12. Hang curtains in nursery
I have the curtains, but do not have a rod or other hardware. Buying that stuff should probably be another item on this checklist! Eek!

13. Outside - hang numbers on our porch

14. Change dining room light fixture
This is something I'd LIKE to do, but if it doesn't happen I'm not going to lose sleep over it!

15. Outside - install motion-sensing light on the side of the house

16. Clean out/organize kitchen cabinets to make room for baby products

Looking at this list makes me tired. TJ and I did a LOT of work this past weekend following the painting of our upstairs, and by Sunday night my bed had never felt so good! I was exchanging emails with my favorite pretty new-momma blogger Jess, and she told me to just get ready, because I'd be working up till the last day! Ahhh!


  1. Though I didn't care for the the look of the glider either it is what we ended up getting. I had a friend who got the PB chair and the frame broke after a week. They replaced it of course, but she figured out how "well constructed" they are.

  2. We have that exact one from Dutalier. I do not love the look either. BUT, we could not find a chair that had enough neck support as you mentioned! I "rested" a lot while feeding in the chair, so I would highly suggest one with neck support! Although, I do have to say that the glider is not really wide enough once the baby gets longer/older. It works not that I'm not breastfeeding, but I would suggest a little wider one.

  3. Ours is more of a club chair, with an ottoman, so I could scoot down and prop my feet up more like a chaise? That worked well for us. I have heard to check out walmart, that they surprisingly have some nice glider options, but not sure about the height of the backs. Have I told you about my love for the "my brest friend nursing pillow"? Terrible name, but AMAZING product. I think it was responsible for my nursing success. Well that and my boobs. ha.

  4. This list makes me oh so excited!!!! I need an update on the HVAC situation…. Love the furniture and bedding you picked out! Can't wait to see it in person. I hope you pick out a comfortable glider so when I babysit baby B, I can rock him to sleep :) Also, I know those furniture sliders all too well… Used to use them at PT for some of my knee exercises. I hate those things….. But I'm sure they were perfect for TJ to use!


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