Friday, July 11, 2014

DIY: My long list of projects

If you were a reader of my blog before I became pregnant, you know I love me a good DIY! I say "before I became pregnant" because lately, many of my posts are weekly updates or pregnancy related in some way. I am fully aware that I haven't been that great of a blogger these last couple months, so I apologize!

I have a lot on my list for these next few months in terms of completing the nursery, doing things around the house, etc., but there are still some crafty DIY projects I'd like to accomplish before baby arrives and my time is more limited. I thought I'd share some of them...

1. Re-cover my corkboard
I have a plain-jane corkboard that I want to re-do, Ballard-burlap-style. I am confident I can acheive this look for less, I just need to get around to it! This past weekend, I purchased my supplies, and I plan to use these two tutorials to help me finish the job...

2. Chalkboard Charger
I have had all of the materials to create this for months. I really have no good excuse for why I haven't done it!

3. Burlap Bed Skirt
I need a new bed skirt for our guest bedroom. (Do you say bedskirt or dust ruffle?!) The bed is full size and has a pretty quilt on it, but no bed skirt at the present time (you may have noticed here). I finally threw it away after the "skirt" portion had ripped in multiple places from the white part that laid flat on the box spring (if that makes sense?). Anyway, I've seen DIY no-sew, "easy" bed skirt tutorials on Pinterest, so I might give one a shot. We'll see.
via Styleberry Blog

4. Painted Pantry Door
Our pantry door is side-by-side with the door into our garage, so obviously I can't do one without the other. However...I'm not entirely sure that TJ will be down for this! I might have to do this sometime while he's traveling for work and surprise him with my finished project (would that be completely terrible of me?!) 

5. Curtains and pillow
I've had this pinned for awhile, and there are actually two things in the image below that I'm loving! She PAINTED these curtains using drop cloth and a stencil. I "need" (okay, want) a set of curtains for my dining room and this sounds like an awesome idea. However, I don't know if I'm suited to get down on the floor and paint them right now! Hmm. Anyway. The pillow on the chair is also one she made. I'd love some new throw pillows for my living room and this fabric is nice...butttt I may be too lazy. Home Goods might have something to fit the bill ;)

Even though I love getting crafty, that's probably enough on the list for now. Two smaller (more realistic) projects, and two larger ones. We'll see what I'm able to accomplish over the next few months! 

I did recently complete a flag pallet for my mom, which I don't think I shared here. Like the terrible blogger that I am, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product before I gave it to her. However, she posted this picture on her facebook page.

It's a good thing I didn't inherit her photography skills.


  1. I love the bulletin and bed skirt ideas! I also love how the flag palette turned out!

  2. Love that flag palette! I've been wanting to do one too, but it just seems more than I could actually do? Was it difficult?

  3. Stinking love that flag pallet. Also, I am gonna make my husband paint our pantry door now. Brilliant!


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