Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

No bump date today folks...sorry! I didn't manage to get the photo taken, whoops. 

Friday....our night was pretty low-key. We stayed in, had dinner at home, watched TV and did a little reading, and I worked a little on my DIY corkboard (more on that later this week, hopefully). 
Saturday...I had been looking forward to Saturday because I was getting together with my friend Ann! But first, I woke up and did a little more work on my DIY project. Of course I had a little helper.

After finishing my work it was time to shower and get ready. Ann and I did one of our usual favorite things and met for coffee and mani-pedis. My pedicure felt so good...ahh. I did have to shift around in the chair a bit (tailbone!) but it was quite relaxing and my toes look much better (you may remember my faux-pas from last week with the sock marks in my toenail polish! Whoops!) 

(Feeling a little enormous in this picture!)

Once our nails were finished and it was time to part ways...Ann told me to pop my hatch. She loaded me down with two huge gift bags! I was so not expecting such generosity but felt so loved. Once I got home, TJ and I got into our loot! This is where the day started becoming like Christmas!

Our first diapers!
Not shown here....breastfeeding supplies (Lanisoh products!), cookies for momma, a giraffe sleeper (Auntie Ann loves giraffes!), more diapering products, pacifiers, all kinds of goodies. It was so nice!

Then the mailman came with a box from Buy Buy Baby...oooh, what could it be?! I wasn't expecting any deliveries.
Items from our baby registry from Steph and baby Paisley! So so nice! Thank you Stephanie, Beau, Oakley and baby Paisley! (It was also hilarious to me that I opened this box from her [the timing, anyway], since literally just that morning, I might have been cruising her registry...)

While opening these gifts, there was a knock at the door. The only people that knock "like that" are the mailman and delivery guys. was Fed Ex! We'd ordered our stroller earlier in the week taking advantage of an Amazon promotion!
We got the BOB Motion Travel System which, as you can see, includes the Britax B-Safe infant car seat (which can be purchased on its own).

Later that night, we went to see Tammy. It was funny and of course I love anything with Melissa McCarthy! It was nice to just go see a movie, something we haven't done in awhile.

Oh I think Saturday was also the day we MADE the decision on a name for this little babe! More on that later ;)

Sunday...I woke up feeling kind of blah. The weather probably had something to do with it - dreary, dark, rainy, just depressing - but I'm sure the other parts of it are pregnancy hormones. In the afternoon I had to teach class and I honestly just couldn't get to feeling motivated. Made it through class...we went to the grocery...walked the dogs...stuff like that. Later in the evening, we were watching a movie on TV and I just burst out crying. I hope this is not indicative of the next 8 to 10 weeks because I hate feeling like that!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I'll try to get my "usual" bump date picture together and post later this week. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

5 on Friday

One night this week, I went to the trouble of painting my toes. I say "trouble" because at this point, it is not easy. With a little Cajun Shrimp, they were sufficient I'd say. A little while later, after I showered, I had the bright idea to apply some coconut oil on my feet. Guess what stupid thing I did next?!!? I put on a pair of socks! Pedicure FAIL. You can guess what the toes looked like the next day...

I went to Target one night this week. A sign on the door said they were employing "temporary reduced lighting and AC levels."  People, it was 94 degrees out! Had it not been so uncomfortable in there I'm sure I'd have spent AT LEAST twenty or so more dollars. I made it out with only $44 worth of damage (detergent, toothpaste, shampoo for the mister, etc.). While in the store, I texted Sarah that I was contemplating this purchase...
...but in the end, I left it at the store. Don't think I'm not still thinking about it though!
(because FYI, I haven't been in a pool all summer!)

I've been working on my burlap-covered corkboad, which was one of my July goals (also June but let's not discuss). I've got the corkboard itself completely covered, but I'm having trouble with the trim. I have "furniture nails" vs. upholstery tacks and I don't know if they are the same. 
However, I think I need a little mallet and a pair of pliers to hold them in place vs. my previous technique of trying not to slam my fingers with the hammer. I'm going to keep trying! I don't even have a place in mind of where I want to hang it, oops!

Earlier this week I ordered some prints from Etsy that I hope look great in the baby's room! I'd previously said I wasn't "doing" a theme, but I guess these prints are slightly themed, so we'll see where that takes us. It's not over the top nor do I plan to GO over the top...but we'll see ;) Here's a little teaser...
They were the first things I'd shown TJ that he really seemed to like in terms of wall art! Don't worry, Mama will still get her way on some other prints, I'm sure of it ;)

This article, "What I instagrammed vs. what was really happening," by Olivia Muenter on is hilarious. What, like we don't all stage photos and then only share them if we look decent?! There have been plenty of times I've said, "oh don't post that!" and then taken 75 more pictures to try and find one that is acceptable. I mean, here's an outtake from trying to get my bump pic this past weekend. It was fun finding this when I opened the pics on the computer...not...

TJ thinks he is hilarious.

Have a great weekend and happy Friday!

Confession: My vision is awful {Warby Parker to the rescue}

Little known fact...I am blind as a bat. I got glasses in fifth grade. That was a tough (and awkward) year - I was the tallest person in my class, had an awful perm, braces, and glasses?! Ugh. Thankfully I was responsible and my mom let me get contacts the next year. Since then I have rarely worn my glasses (also since then I'm rarely the tallest in a group of people...).

Recently though, it was time for a new pair of glasses. As you all know I have a baby coming, which means I'll be up a lot in the middle of the night (thus needing to see!), not to mention that they may not let me wear my contacts during the C-section. The doctor would hold the baby up, and I wouldn't be able to see him -- that's how AWFUL my vision is! These are the glasses I got...

I liked that the exterior was work appropriate but they were fun inside :)
I'd have offered a pic of me in my new glasses but unfortunately I had already removed my makeup when I started writing this post. Y'all don't need to see that.

Unfortunately for me, I hadn't seen this new collection before I purchased my specs a month or so ago! However - if you're also in need of new glasses, check out the new Beacon collection from Warby Parker.  Not only are they affordable, but they have a great selection and a free home "try-on" program. I love the look of these tortoiseshell frames, which would be great for "everyday" or any other time when you want the attention focused on some other accessory (like a fun necklace), or say, a bold red lip! 

They have these neat frames, too. Now I can't see myself wearing them, but they would be cool on the right person (and that person is not me).  If only they were a little darker...they'd match all my Kentucky Blue clothes ;) In all seriousness, I have a coworker who treats her glasses like jewelry or an accessory, and changes them up depending on her outfit. She's a good accessorizer (sp??) and would likely wear these with something like blue earrings, or a shirt with blue accents, just to pull everything together!

Warby Parker also has sunglasses. TJ is not a fan of wearing sunglasses, which I don't get. I am BIG on sunglasses...LOVE them, always want to have them on when it's sunny out! Personally, I've never had a pair of prescription sunglasses...but if you find a pair of frames you like, you can get them with or without a prescription from Warby Parker! I like this pair from the new Beacon collection....

While not a new frame, they also have this awesome pair of "Crossfield" Aviators...but every time I try to wear Aviators, I just look ridiculous. I love them on other people, but it's like my brows are too tall or something...they just aren't flattering on me!

That's about all I got for today, folks! It's dreary and rainy here so it doesn't look like I'll need my sunglasses these next few hours...

Do you wear glasses or sunglasses? 
Which of these are your favs?